6 Commits (e9ca4280f3abb8b2b6fa35a41e881996278ebfff)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Cory Fields e9ca4280f3 script: add ToByteVector() for converting anything with begin/end 8 years ago
Cory Fields 066e2a1403 script: move CScriptID to standard.h and add a ctor for creating them from CScripts 8 years ago
Andy Alness 9d7cd4c598 Don't return an address for invalid pubkeys 8 years ago
Pieter Wuille 0be990ba34 Move CTxDestination from script/script to script/standard 8 years ago
Philip Kaufmann 2d79bba36b cleanup new script files (no code changes) 8 years ago
jtimon c4408a6c85 Separate script/standard 8 years ago