2 Commits (dd1ea59624458d19ae93838815e2f4b1b1eb73a4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jimmy Song dd1ea59624 [test] Add gettxout call 6 years ago
John Newbery c28ee91db0 Rename rpc-tests directory to functional 6 years ago
John Newbery 00902c48cd Rename qa directory to test 6 years ago
John Newbery c9bd0f6421 Fix RPC failure testing (2 of 2) 6 years ago
John Newbery 64c080051b Use logging in individual tests 6 years ago
John Newbery 3f95a806b1 Fix docstrings in qa tests 6 years ago
practicalswift ac4a095306 Remove unused Python variables 6 years ago
Alex Morcos ffeb1956cb add test for -walletrejectlongchains 6 years ago
Gregory Sanders af9bedbff6 Test for fix of txn chaining in wallet 6 years ago
mrbandrews 307acdd3df [qa] add assert_raises_message to check specific error message 6 years ago
MarcoFalke fa7c35c4ec [qa] util: Move wait_bitcoinds() into stop_nodes() 6 years ago
MarcoFalke fa644d0053 [qa] wallet: Check legacy wallet as well 6 years ago
MarcoFalke fa26c420bf [qa] util: Move check_fee_amount out of wallet.py 6 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan 6bbb4ef399 test: test utf-8 for labels in wallet 6 years ago
MarcoFalke fac9349798 [qa] Remove hardcoded "4 nodes" from test_framework 6 years ago
MarcoFalke fa83a5dbce [qa] wallet: Temporarily disable salvagewallet test 6 years ago
MarcoFalke fa389d4edc [qa] Switch to py3 7 years ago
Joao Fonseca 5d217decc1 Add test to check spendable and unspendable UTXO on RPC listunspent 7 years ago
MarcoFalke ffff866da8 [qa] Remove misleading "errorString syntax" 7 years ago
MarcoFalke fa524d9ddb [qa] Use python2/3 syntax 7 years ago
MarcoFalke fa3fafc960 [qa] wallet: Wait for reindex to catch up 7 years ago
Andrew C d5c5c713e6 RPC tests for generatetoaddress 7 years ago
MarcoFalke fab3890156 [qa] rpc-test: Normalize assert() 7 years ago
MarcoFalke fa4a522541 [qa] Add tests verifychain, lockunspent, getbalance, listsinceblock 7 years ago
MarcoFalke fad7dc8a6c [qa] wallet: speed up tests 7 years ago
MarcoFalke fa8e2a6925 [qa] Change default block priority size to 0 7 years ago
MarcoFalke facd288c31 [qa] wallet: Print maintenance 7 years ago
MarcoFalke 7777994846 [qa] Fix pyton syntax in rpc tests 7 years ago
MarcoFalke fa14d99484 [qa] check if wallet or blochchain maintenance changes the balance 7 years ago
MarcoFalke fa0765d433 [qa] Cleanup wallet.py test 7 years ago
MarcoFalke fa24439ff3 Bump copyright headers to 2015 7 years ago
MarcoFalke fa506c0c9b [wallet] Add rpc tests to verify fee calculations 7 years ago
Jonas Schnelli 7d226b7ca0 [QA] add testcases for parsing strings as values 7 years ago
Jonas Schnelli 64937fe51a [QA] restructure rpc tests directory 7 years ago
Corinne Dashjr 7e6d23b171 Bugfix: Grammar fixes 8 years ago
Jonas Schnelli f89b092d75 add rpc test for listunspents support for zero value txouts 8 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan 4ac79f99b0
Fix travis after merging #5957 8 years ago
Pieter Wuille 6b04508e37 Introduce separate 'generate' RPC call 8 years ago
Jonas Schnelli 77650cc9f4 add -walletbroadcast=0 rpc test 8 years ago
Gavin Andresen 0f5954c434
Regression test for ResendWalletTransactions 8 years ago
Luke Dashjr 1d9b378c30 qa/rpc-tests/wallet: Tests for sendmany 8 years ago
Cozz Lovan 292623adf5 Subtract fee from amount 8 years ago
bikinibabe ee932025c1 Changed pronouns for correctness and inclusivity 8 years ago
Jonas Schnelli 12d927a391 RPC test for immature balance 8 years ago
Michael Ford 78253fcbad Remove references to X11 licence 8 years ago
Matt Corallo e3f315a0a5 Fix python usage for arch's broken maintainers 8 years ago
mrbandrews 189fb526f1 Port of wallet.sh to python (wallet.py). 8 years ago