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Michael Ford 5d9f22b3cb Remove link to now removed Windows Build Notes 8 years ago
Aitor Pazos 0c3e101966 Added systemd .service file in order to help distributions integrate bitcoind. 8 years ago
Jeff Garzik 6b5ee2e092
Update openssl.org URL to include https:// 8 years ago
Warren Togami 3d20cd5f61 VERSION obtained from source instead of the previous git tag. 9 years ago
super3 b698417fc8 Added Blockchain Bootstraping Tutorial 9 years ago
Jeff Garzik 7d0e9bcb8e doc/README.md: remove 'rc' label for 0.9.0 version, in title 9 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan f9a2f08882 Bump version numbers for 0.9.0rc1 release 9 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan 22f0135df0 Rebrand to `Bitcoin Core` 9 years ago
super3 a11dd1e67c Space saving in /doc README. 9 years ago
Shawn Wilkinson dd9bd863cf Broken Link in /Doc README 9 years ago
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super3 00a8874503 Markdown Cleanup - Part 2 9 years ago
super3 2341e9b533 Docs Markdown Cleanup 10 years ago