8 Commits (b97d54355e8239273b50c54dbedfde16ed82fd73)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jeff Garzik 3a78f82a78 Fix sign-compare warnings: netbase's Lookup* max-solutions may be unsigned 11 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan 52d3a48128 VC2010 compile fixes 11 years ago
Philip Kaufmann 7e05b97229 fixed typo in comment in netbase.h and bignum.h 11 years ago
Pieter Wuille 6b8de05d0a Begin doxygen-compatible comments 11 years ago
Gavin Andresen 882164196e Update all copyrights to 2012 11 years ago
Pieter Wuille c981d768b3 Fix handling of default ports 11 years ago
Matt Corallo b24e6e4d1b Add -keepnode which attempts to -addnode and keep a connection open 11 years ago
Pieter Wuille 67a42f929b Network stack refactor 11 years ago