73 Commits (b0bfa233a1bb74c2b59e627a9c3b76ac18ee6a31)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Cory Fields e50c33ea27 devtools: add script to verify scriptable changes 4 years ago
  John Newbery 16791c5e27 [trivial] remove unused line in Travis config 4 years ago
  John Newbery 91f1f19674 Make all Travis test runs quiet, non just cron job runs 4 years ago
  John Newbery 6d780b1b0c Update travis config to run rpc-tests.py in quiet mode 5 years ago
  John Newbery 88e3aa0bcb Run extended tests once daily 4 years ago
  John Newbery a9bd622a65 Rename test/pull-tester/rpc-tests.py to test/functional/test_runner.py 4 years ago
  John Newbery c28ee91db0 Rename rpc-tests directory to functional 4 years ago
  Russell Yanofsky 9576b015a1 Enable xvfb in travis to allow running test_bitcoin-qt 4 years ago
  Matt Corallo 8ed849fbcd Fix travis failing to fetch keys from the sks keyserver pool 4 years ago
  MarcoFalke fa32a16c57 travis: Verify commits only for one target 4 years ago
  Matt Corallo ba94426d53 Test that pushes to bitcoin/bitcoin are signed per verify-commits 5 years ago
  MarcoFalke faaf3ca0af travis: make distdir before make 5 years ago
  MarcoFalke fad632ed7a travis: make distdir 5 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 7b49f22bdb Squashed 'src/secp256k1/' changes from 7a49cac..8225239 5 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 634ad51703 Squashed 'src/leveldb/' changes from 20ca81f..a31c8aa 5 years ago
  MarcoFalke 2ca7faab42 Squashed 'src/univalue/' changes from daf1285..16a1f7f 5 years ago
  MarcoFalke fa16991e7b [travis] cross-mac: explicitly enable gui 5 years ago
  MarcoFalke fa0afdee16 [travis] Drop java 5 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan eb0c52ec1d travis: Remove hostname hack 5 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan b2135359b3 Squashed 'src/secp256k1/' changes from 6c527ec..7a49cac 5 years ago
  MarcoFalke fa6ad56948 [travis] Update SDK_URL 5 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 59d063d076
Use runtime linking of QT libdbus, use custom/temp. SDK URL 5 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 6194d9a501
Fix bitcoin_qt.m4 and fix-xcb-include-order.patch 5 years ago
  Cory Fields 142ffc7e61 travis: use out-of-tree build 5 years ago
  Cory Fields 2ca8962a09 travis: use slim generic image, and some fixups 5 years ago
  Cory Fields 401ae654b2 travis: 'make check' in parallel and verbose 5 years ago
  MarcoFalke fa389d4edc [qa] Switch to py3 5 years ago
  Cory Fields a33b7c9cb5 travis: temporarily disable qt to avoid timeouts 5 years ago
  Cory Fields 174023c9b0 travis: Don't disable writing ccache for pull-requests 5 years ago
  Cory Fields cf77fcdb1f travis: drop MAKEJOBS=2 for windows compilers 5 years ago
  Cory Fields 06fdffd222 travis: switch to Trusty 5 years ago
  MarcoFalke fac9ca2ec6 [travis] echo $TRAVIS_COMMIT_RANGE 5 years ago
  MarcoFalke faef3b710f [travis] Print the commit which was evaluated 5 years ago
  MarcoFalke fa5f19319a [travis] Exit early when check-doc.py fails 6 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 149641e8fc Travis: Use Blue Box VMs for IPv6 loopback support 6 years ago
  Luke Dashjr c01f08db12 Bugfix: depends/Travis: Use --location (follow redirects) and --fail [on HTTP error response] with curl 6 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 5d1148cb79 Travis: Use curl rather than wget for Mac SDK 6 years ago
  MarcoFalke fa1b80db88 [travis] Only run check-doc.py once 6 years ago
  MarcoFalke faeda0e677 [travis] Run contrib/devtools/check-doc.py early 6 years ago
  MarcoFalke fada0c90b6 [travis] Fail when documentation is outdated 6 years ago
  Luke Dashjr c39a6fffd7 Travis & gitian-osx: Use depends for ds_store and mac_alias modules 6 years ago
  Luke Dashjr e611b6e329 macdeploy: Use rsvg-convert rather than cairosvg 6 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 63bcdc5227 More complicated package name substitution for Mac deployment 6 years ago
  MarcoFalke 982709199f Squashed 'src/univalue/' changes from 5839ac3..2740c4f 6 years ago
  MarcoFalke 9999cb0626 Fix url in .travis.yml 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 1d84107924 Squashed 'src/secp256k1/' changes from 22f60a6..2bfb82b 6 years ago
  James O'Beirne b5cbd396ca Add basic coverage reporting for RPC tests 6 years ago
  ptschip 5467820be5 Migrated rpc-tests.sh to all python rpc-tests.py 6 years ago
  Cory Fields 745f909925 travis: install a recent libzmq and pyzmq for tests 6 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli a9c27cdf55 [travis] add zmq python module 6 years ago