107 Commits (a5f95d75a150c3a46488cc8a49653de7fd91f5f2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Gregory Maxwell a5f95d75a1 Increase client version to 0.6.99 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 397737b913 Bump version numbers for 0.6.1rc2 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 2b4d7735b6 Windows build: compile against openssl 1.0.1b 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 2c31cfc271 Bump version numbers for 0.6.1rc1 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille a20c0d0f67 Build identification strings 9 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 7993454a92 Document strlcpy.h in assets-attribution.txt since it isn't MIT-licensed 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 5ce4c2a23a Remove USE_SSL #define 9 years ago
  Philip Kaufmann 2fac1028a8 updated translation process documentation 9 years ago
  Nils Schneider 6c757e99f3 add shell one-liner for updating translations in bitcoin.qrc 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 50abb5516d Updated Mac build process 9 years ago
  Matt Corallo 95486d5c48 Fix release-process.txt for new deps zip. 9 years ago
  Matt Corallo 3d0a0a9b9e Make deps build deterministic and upgrade to libpng 1.5.9. 9 years ago
  sje397 4efbda3f25 Added 'Backup Wallet' menu option 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 328b26d40b Update readme-qt.rst for 0.6.0 9 years ago
  Luke Dashjr f1142dcc5b Update doc/release-process.txt 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 882164196e Update all copyrights to 2012 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 6bf4253a68 Increase client version to 0.6 9 years ago
  p2k f118b5fc5d miniupnpc Porfile removed; new and improved macdeployqtplus 10 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 9965e1d044 Various updates to the release process 10 years ago
  Matt Corallo cad5745138 Add libqrencode-dev to the debian/ubuntu apt-get lines. 10 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan bde280b9a4 Revert "Use standard C99 (and Qt) types for 64-bit integers" 10 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 21d9f36781 Use standard C99 (and Qt) types for 64-bit integers 10 years ago
  sje397 22123c85f3 Added QRCode generation functions via libqrencode. Switch on with USE_QRENCODE=1. 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen f8ded588a2 Implement BIP 14 : separate protocol version from client version 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 8896c2d9d6 Bump version 0.5.99 (prep for pulling for version 0.6) 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 605ca141c7 Don't forget to bump release numbers in READMEs next time 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 795faa595c Bump version numbers to 0.5.1 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen e6389c3229 Update release process instructions 10 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 459d3fb77b relicense my own images as MIT 10 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 15ceadf7a5 Add doxygen documentation configuration file 10 years ago
  Luke Dashjr d2e21a9d74 update doc/assets-attribution.txt 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 6be6be2ed9 Tool/process for including correct qt translations in mac .App 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 5efee7da86 Release process doc fixes 10 years ago
  Nils Schneider 560078a768 add doc/translation_process.md 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen d6245ca5d9 Mention Qt4 runtime dependencies 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen a5f07cbea0 Static link on Linux. And better document release process on OSX. 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen f6aacbfe6d Mac releases use macdeployqtplus 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 434a483d50 Update documentation to reflect 0.5 reality. And removed leading $ from shell commands, so it is easier to copy and paste from release-process.txt. 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 7ec064b88e Update documentation to reflect reality (no win32 gitian builds, new Mac process) 10 years ago
  Matt Corallo f891cc9415 Update qt readme to indicate Qt is now the primary GUI. 10 years ago
  Chris Moore 6c33ec4045 Warn about the qt-at-spi bug in Ubuntu 11.10. 10 years ago
  kwaaak efb3d3292f Make build work on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion 10 years ago
  Luke Dashjr b4d0588d06 Add support to makefile.unix for the same parameters used by bitcoin-qt.pro, dynamic linking unless STATIC=1 is passed 10 years ago
  globalcitizen bdf2f7e711 Fix typo. Improve Gentoo instructions. 10 years ago
  globalcitizen 4adf78bad3 Improved Gentoo instructions. 10 years ago
  globalcitizen c60aec9c20 Fix extraneous directory specifier, beautify bash syntax $VAR -> ${VAR} 10 years ago
  globalcitizen 7b465b663a Collate generic dependency information. Segregate distribution-specific (Ubuntu/Debian) information. Add Gentoo information. 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen e9e7bb968b Update mac Makefile and build instructions to use MacPorts 10 years ago
  Matt Corallo c923fe71b4 Update release-process to point to gitian.sigs repo. 10 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan ba2db7262b Edited doc/readme-qt.rst via GitHub 10 years ago