30 Commits (99f41b9cf7b8e039cea75500a905498a1f6969f3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
jtimon 561e9e9de9 MOVEONLY: Move script/compressor out of script and put CTxOutCompressor (from 8 years ago
jtimon 4a3587d8db MOVEONLY: Separate CTransaction and dependencies from core 8 years ago
Cory Fields 3a757c5294 fix build with libc++ after 85c579e 8 years ago
Cory Fields 85c579e3a6 script: add a slew of includes all around and drop includes from script.h 8 years ago
Cory Fields db8eb54bd7 script: move ToString and ValueString out of the header 8 years ago
Cory Fields e9ca4280f3 script: add ToByteVector() for converting anything with begin/end 8 years ago
Cory Fields 066e2a1403 script: move CScriptID to standard.h and add a ctor for creating them from CScripts 8 years ago
Pieter Wuille 9df9cf5a9f Make SCRIPT_VERIFY_STRICTENC compatible with BIP62 8 years ago
Andy Alness 9d7cd4c598 Don't return an address for invalid pubkeys 8 years ago
Philip Kaufmann 5eed8c21c7 minor license, header end comment etc. cleanup in /script 8 years ago
Pieter Wuille e790c370b5 Replace SCRIPT_VERIFY_NOCACHE by flag directly to checker 8 years ago
Pieter Wuille 5c1e798a8e Make signature cache optional 8 years ago
Pieter Wuille c7829ea797 Abstract out SignatureChecker 8 years ago
Cory Fields be6d87aa60 script: don't read past the end 8 years ago
ENikS 1e73504865
Fixing C4146 warning 8 years ago
ENikS 219372f1dd
script: Fix reference into empty vector run time exception 8 years ago
ENikS cda45b5131 Reinitializing list's begin iterator after few elements were erased from the head 8 years ago
ENikS 6134b43ba9 Fixing condition 'sabotaging' MSVC build 8 years ago
Pieter Wuille 0be990ba34 Move CTxDestination from script/script to script/standard 8 years ago
Philip Kaufmann 2d79bba36b cleanup new script files (no code changes) 8 years ago
jtimon 6dcfda2dc4 Don't pass nHashType to EvalScript nor CheckSig 8 years ago
jtimon 2b23a87599 Don't pass nHashType to VerifyScript 8 years ago
jtimon e088d65acb Separate script/sign 8 years ago
jtimon 9294a4bbe7 Separate CScriptCompressor 8 years ago
jtimon c4408a6c85 Separate script/standard 8 years ago
jtimon da03e6ed7c Separate script/interpreter 8 years ago
jtimon cbd22a50c4 Move CScript class and dependencies to script/script 8 years ago