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isle2983 27765b6403 Increment MIT Licence copyright header year on files modified in 2016 6 years ago
Pavel Janík f839350420 Do not shadow in src/qt 6 years ago
Pavel Vasin 02ce2a3ca7 qt: askpassphrasedialog: Clear pass fields on accept 6 years ago
Luke Dashjr d5f46832de Unify package name to as few places as possible without major changes 7 years ago
MarcoFalke fa24439ff3 Bump copyright headers to 2015 7 years ago
Corinne Dashjr 7e6d23b171 Bugfix: Grammar fixes 8 years ago
Cory Fields d7d187e8a4 allocators: split allocators and pagelocker 8 years ago
sandakersmann f914f1a746
Added "Core" to copyright headers 8 years ago
Michael Ford 78253fcbad Remove references to X11 licence 8 years ago
Philip Kaufmann 50db7d9f09 [Qt] change some strings to reflect name change to Bitcoin Core 8 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan e0a25c54eb qt: Make askpassphrase dialog behave more sanely 8 years ago
Whit J e3aedbae9b Consistent lettering 8 years ago
Brandon Dahler 51ed9ec971 Cleanup code using forward declarations. 9 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan e592d43f51 qt: add license header to source files 9 years ago
Philip Kaufmann d78900cc1b fix some cosmetic glitches in the codebase 9 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan 09dfa86baf qt: Improve capslock detection on non-us keyboards (issue #1855) 10 years ago
Philip Kaufmann 83a3fb81f3 ensure AskPassphraseDialog::eventFilter forwards events 10 years ago
Rune K. Svendsen 1bf66fcc0a When encrypting the wallet, warn user that old backups will become useless. 10 years ago
Luke Dashjr 814efd6f1f Bugfix: Fix a variety of misspellings 10 years ago
Philip Kaufmann e6bc9c35f3 Update Warning-strings to use a standard-format 10 years ago
Stephane Glondu 2acfa219aa Fix spelling of successfully 10 years ago
Philip Kaufmann 52d4975825 passphrasedialog: change dialog title to "Passphrase Dialog" / remove style-sheet for bold font and use Qt Designer option / remove an unused label default-text and remove an obsolete clear()' 11 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan 857aa73783 Enable wordwrap for long message in passphrase dialog 11 years ago
Dylan Noblesmith 94f778bdeb Implement an mlock()'d string class for storing passphrases 11 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan 4585f7e2c1 add message about restarting bitcoin after encrypting wallet succesfully 11 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan dead0ff8cd Add robustness against null models 11 years ago
Nick Bosma 7298ebb432 Added Caps Lock check and warning at askpassphrasedialog. 11 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan b7bcaf940d Wallet encryption part 2: ask passphrase when needed, add menu options 11 years ago