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Michael Ford f5e9d983c0 Add missing MacPorts dependencies to osx build docs 9 years ago
Lake Denman 3f2c6f8654 Use 'make check' instead of 'make test' 9 years ago
regergregregerrge 9392924d0d Update build-osx.md 9 years ago
Brandon Dahler 2b91707469 Update build docs that refer to old makefile.* files. 9 years ago
super3 14f870cee5 Prettify some /Contrib READMEs 9 years ago
fanquake 7772821a69 Remove readme-qt.rst and update documentation for readme-qt.md 10 years ago
super3 00a8874503 Markdown Cleanup - Part 2 10 years ago
Michael Ford a680b095b6 Update links in build-osx.md 10 years ago
Michael Ford 46aecb2bdf Update osx build instructions to ensure users link to the correct version of OpenSSL 10 years ago
Colin Dean 68cb1cd6b6 reformat OS X build instrcs, add 10.8 + Homebrew 10 years ago