21 Commits (7464e647decace52bc075d9ac8788974504e0bb9)

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  Gavin Andresen 7464e647de Bumped version numbers to 0.4.0rc1 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 541e585d8e Fix typo ("you own security") 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 471426fb3b Fixed potential deadlocks in GUI code. 10 years ago
  Matt Corallo b4ada906c0 Upgrade dependancies and tweak build process. 10 years ago
  Matt Corallo 59ed5cb398 Add specific wallet encryption details to doc/README 10 years ago
  Matt Corallo 2f8f51d1e4 Missed a 'password' should be 'passphrase'. 10 years ago
  Jeff Garzik e9fd7d9fad doc/README: word wrap into something readable 10 years ago
  Jeff Garzik 24a0def8cd Bump version to 0.3.25 10 years ago
  Matt Corallo b6b039d84e Add Wallet Encryption section to README 10 years ago
  Matt Corallo fa105b1d3a Added a couple minor things to match newer build process. 10 years ago
  Jeff Garzik b4b536d782 Bump version to 0.3.24. 10 years ago
  Doug Huff d8dda9de84 Add OSX App bundle and correct build instructions to reflect reality. 10 years ago
  Jeff Garzik eeac8727bc doc/release-process.txt: minor updates 10 years ago
  Jeff Garzik 6854a2ade6 Add minimal release process docs. 10 years ago
  Jeff Garzik 6f07e22210 Bump version to 0.3.23. 10 years ago
  Matt Corallo 0649b6af90 Update to openssl-1.0.0d and enable RPC-SSL on Win32 10 years ago
  Jeff Garzik 270e944e30 doc/README: bump version to 0.3.22 10 years ago
  Jaromil 84c3fb07b0 directory re-organization (keeps the old build system) 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen ca5884873e More 0.3.21 release prep 10 years ago