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  fanquake 661caf83b3
[doc] Minor corrections to osx dependencies пре 4 година
  fanquake 35ee63c565
[Doc] Install Protobuf v3 on OS X пре 4 година
  Jonas Schnelli b01667c778
Mention RSVG dependency when creating the disk image on OSX пре 4 година
  Michael Ford ba26d415c0 Update build notes for dropping osx 10.7 support пре 5 година
  Michael Ford b16a7f609f [Doc] Target protobuf 2.6 in OS X build notes. пре 5 година
  fanquake e5a680dc6a
[Doc] Update OS X build notes for 10.11 SDK пре 5 година
  fanquake 2692e1b10b
[Doc] Simplify OS X build notes пре 5 година
  Pavel Janík 4b9dfd6d81 Add note about using the Qt official binary installer. пре 5 година
  Michael Ford b171c69c60 [doc] Update OS X build notes for new qt5 configure пре 6 година
  MarcoFalke e167af2acd [doc] Remove excessive white space пре 6 година
  Mitchell Cash 99963b938f Correct spelling mistakes in doc folder пре 6 година
  Irving Ruan 5d7a16d073 Fixes typo in build-osx.md. пре 6 година
  Jonas Schnelli a1df1e870b [docs] add libevent dependency to build-osx.md пре 6 година
  rion a3a80c253c remove berkeley-db4 workaround пре 6 година
  Jonas Schnelli a2241eabfd [OSX] revert renaming of Bitcoin-Qt.app пре 6 година
  Jonas Schnelli 7cef321e65 [Mac only] rename Bitcoin-Qt.app to "Bitcoin Core.app" пре 6 година
  Corinne Dashjr 7e6d23b171 Bugfix: Grammar fixes пре 6 година
  Michael Ford 06b24240cd Update OS X build instructions to use Qt 5 пре 6 година
  Pieter Wuille ffe3291466 Remove gmp dependency and doc mentions пре 6 година
  Gavin Andresen 8c41853380
gmp needed to build on OSX пре 7 година
  Jonas Schnelli 409e9ef04c
[OSX, docs] update some release build informations пре 7 година
  Jonas Schnelli 6c8c704bb4 [docs] Add mini-"howto" using Qt Creator (osx) пре 7 година
  Whit J f60dc15c50
doc: add make install to build-osx.md and build-unix.md пре 7 година
  Janusz Lenar 346d5443f1
Fixed the broken `brew` shell command пре 7 година
  Wladimir J. van der Laan d547ebf56e Remove mention of MacPorts from OSX build docs пре 7 година
  Dominyk Tiller df920c6d49 Build-osx: Force Fix. пре 7 година
  Dominyk Tiller 5a61553a14 Build-osx: Force Fix. пре 7 година
  Rose Toomey b1ed7c2938 Update build-osx.md пре 7 година
  Cory Fields b150b09edc secp256k1: add libtool as a dependency пре 7 година
  Michael Ford 92ddf2c0dd Update OS X build instructions пре 7 година
  olalonde 73288982ad Added instructions for when wrong openssl detected after brew link пре 7 година
  Gavin Andresen 26e4b52712 Require OSX 10.6, 64-bit пре 7 година
  gubatron 801aeb2fac added missing homebrew qt dependency on mac osx build documentation. пре 7 година
  Michael Ford 5d897f3d4e Update OS X Homebrew docs to include new build dependencies пре 7 година
  Scott Willeke 8d31e614e8 Added automake to the macports depdency list as it was required to complete the autogen.sh step as it required aclocal (which isn't included in recent versions of xcode). пре 7 година
  Michael Ford f5e9d983c0 Add missing MacPorts dependencies to osx build docs пре 7 година
  Lake Denman 3f2c6f8654 Use 'make check' instead of 'make test' пре 7 година
  regergregregerrge 9392924d0d Update build-osx.md пре 7 година
  Brandon Dahler 2b91707469 Update build docs that refer to old makefile.* files. пре 8 година
  super3 14f870cee5 Prettify some /Contrib READMEs пре 8 година
  fanquake 7772821a69 Remove readme-qt.rst and update documentation for readme-qt.md пре 8 година
  super3 00a8874503 Markdown Cleanup - Part 2 пре 8 година
  Michael Ford a680b095b6 Update links in build-osx.md пре 8 година
  Michael Ford 46aecb2bdf Update osx build instructions to ensure users link to the correct version of OpenSSL пре 8 година
  Colin Dean 68cb1cd6b6 reformat OS X build instrcs, add 10.8 + Homebrew пре 8 година