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  Wladimir J. van der Laan 328b26d40b Update readme-qt.rst for 0.6.0 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen a15bc17632 Merge pull request #805 from luke-jr/gitian_deps 9 years ago
  Luke Dashjr f1142dcc5b Update doc/release-process.txt 9 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 9909340f37 Split smaller dependencies out of gitian-win32 into deps-win32 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 882164196e Update all copyrights to 2012 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 6bf4253a68 Increase client version to 0.6 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 9d952d17bb Look for flushwallet/listen/irc/dnsseed/upnp instead of noflushwallet/etc. And switch default for irc to 0. 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 3ad9f8a70f New GetArg features: allow --, and booleans can be -foo or -nofoo 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 3ae0735553 Unit tests for the GetArg() methods 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 0b452dff5e Merge branch 'standardScriptSigs' of github.com:gavinandresen/bitcoin-git 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 7bf8b7c25c -bip16 option (default: 1) to support / not support BIP 16. And bumped default BIP16 switchover date from Feb 15 to Mar 1 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 0b9a05a2bc Merge branch 'rpcpassword' of https://github.com/gmaxwell/bitcoin 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 30999ec6f9 Merge branch 'decomposetransfix' of https://github.com/laanwj/bitcoin 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan ab07866c8d Restructure credit transaction decomposition (solves issue #689) 9 years ago
  Luke Dashjr f051ee5f96 Update zlib and libpng (previous version had a security issue) 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen aad945f9b1 Merge branch 'translation-fixes' of https://github.com/tcatm/bitcoin 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 0104e36d4b Mac deploy tool: make dylibs writeable when copying into app bundle, so they can be stripped/nametool'ed 9 years ago
  p2k f118b5fc5d miniupnpc Porfile removed; new and improved macdeployqtplus 9 years ago
  Nils Schneider 9d4b05c0dc fetch translations from transifex 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan f69b82e78a Change up/down increment in UI to 0.001 BTC (issue #760) 9 years ago
  Gregory Maxwell b04f301c8e Have bitcoind recommend a secure RPC password. Increase invalid password delay. 9 years ago
  Gregory Maxwell 5d1b8f1725 Avoid advertising the node's address when it is not listening or IsInitialBlockDownload(). 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan d2291cce92 Remove loose amp; from Portugese translation (issue #701) 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 8beb917c6c Allow -upnp to override setting in wallet (and simplify logic a bit) 9 years ago
  Matt Corallo 177dbcaace Fix UPnP by reannouncing every 20 minutes. 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen c52296a73e Testnet difficulty calculation changes, to take effect Feb 15 2012 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 4477b17f15 Merge branch 'checkkeys' of https://github.com/sipa/bitcoin 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 68649bef93 CreateNewBlock was not adding in transaction fees. 9 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 2bc4fd609c Bitcoin-Qt signmessage GUI (pull request #582) 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 91f43a33f8 Full checking of all loaded keys 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 70f55355e2 Merge pull request #593 (Full URL Support in bitcoin-qt) 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 4c932cca6f Merge pull request #782 from sipa/checkkeys 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen b6a35d2d52 Merge pull request #773 from gavinandresen/p2shSigOpCount 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille b25cc627a3 Check consistency of private keys 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 341519523f Support makefile.osx building test_bitcoin with dynamic boost 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 2a9b46cf4b Merge branch 'bugfix_shared_boost_test' of https://github.com/luke-jr/bitcoin 9 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 34c69036da Rename src/obj/test to src/obj-test to workaround bug in older GNU Make 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen a702ceaafc Merge branch 'lockcontention' of https://github.com/TheBlueMatt/bitcoin 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 9ef59797af Merge branch 'master' of github.com:bitcoin/bitcoin 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen b8056dc5d0 Merge branch 'bugfix_areinpstd' of https://github.com/luke-jr/bitcoin 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 5e437f05c7 Merge pull request #764 from luke-jr/update_release_process 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 149f580c82 Only store transactions with missing inputs in the orphan pool. 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen dc77dce07c Fixed addmultisigaddress if looking up public keys from locked wallets. 9 years ago
  Luke Dashjr ca9afa8401 Bugfix: Support building test_bitcoin with shared-object boost test framework 9 years ago
  Matt Corallo 198fb229a4 Add DEBUG_LOCKCONTENTION, to warn each time a thread waits to lock. 9 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 575bdcde93 Sanitize AreInputsStandard slightly 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 137d0685a4 Simplify counting of P2SH sigops to match BIP 16 (thanks to Matt Corallo for prompting this). 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 1240a1b0a8 Back out spacing changes to json spirit code 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 7012b124bc Merge branch 'updateseednodes' of https://github.com/nanotube/bitcoin 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen c55fd06b99 Merge branch 'tabs-to-space' of https://github.com/larsr/bitcoin 9 years ago