185 Commits (13baf7217bf8394ae02efc376208ae86eac4d0f6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  MeshCollider 13baf7217b Replace save|restoreWindowGeometry with Qt functions 4 years ago
  practicalswift 90d4d89230 scripted-diff: Use the C++11 keyword nullptr to denote the pointer literal instead of the macro NULL 4 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 97375727b8
[Qt] Use wallet 0 in rpc console if running with multiple wallets 4 years ago
  Dimitris Tsapakidis 0a5a6b90bc Fixed multiple typos 4 years ago
  practicalswift e53a0fa12a Remove duplicate includes 4 years ago
  practicalswift 1b936f5926 Replace boost::function with std::function (C++11) 4 years ago
  Spencer Lievens 012fa9b99d Add OSX keystroke to clear RPCConsole 4 years ago
  Cory Fields c851be4b25 net: define NodeId as an int64_t 4 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 7278537730
[Qt] Don't add arguments of sensitive command to console window 4 years ago
  Andrew Chow 4df76e270c Ensure an item exists on the rpcconsole stack before adding 4 years ago
  Suhas Daftuar 99464bc38e net: Consistently use GetTimeMicros() for inactivity checks 5 years ago
  Andrew Chow 6d8fe35b94 'help' rpc commands autocomplete 5 years ago
  Pavel Janík 7df5e382e5 Rename lambda argument name to prevent shadowing. 5 years ago
  isle2983 27765b6403 Increment MIT Licence copyright header year on files modified in 2016 5 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 8562792095 GUI/RPCConsole: Include importmulti in history sensitive-command filter 5 years ago
  Luke Dashjr ff77faf480 Qt/RPCConsole: Use RPCParseCommandLine to perform command filtering 5 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 629cd42364 Qt/RPCConsole: Teach RPCParseCommandLine how to filter out arguments to sensitive commands 5 years ago
  Luke Dashjr e2d9213c32 Qt/RPCConsole: Make it possible to parse a command without executing it 5 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 1755c04576 Qt/RPCConsole: Truncate filtered commands to just the command name, rather than skip it entirely in history 5 years ago
  Luke Dashjr d80a00660f Qt/RPCConsole: Add signmessagewithprivkey to list of commands filtered from history 5 years ago
  Luke Dashjr afde12f265 Qt/RPCConsole: Refactor command_may_contain_sensitive_data function out of RPCConsole::on_lineEdit_returnPressed 5 years ago
  Luke Dashjr de8980df9d Bugfix: Do not add sensitive information to history for real 5 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 9044908636 Qt/RPCConsole: Don't store commands with potentially sensitive information in the history 6 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli fc95daa97f Qt/RPCConsole: Save current command entry when browsing history 6 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 390bd14684
[Qt] Console: don't allow empty arguments when using the comma-syntax 5 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 89c8d2c12c
[Qt] Console: allow empty arguments 5 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli ed6b377ae2
[Qt] Console: add security warning 5 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan f36349e898 qt: Remove on_toggleNetworkActiveButton_clicked from RPCConsole 5 years ago
  Luke Dashjr df17fe046f Bugfix: Qt/RPCConsole: Put column enum in the right places 5 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 297cc20e70 qt: layoutAboutToChange signal is called layoutAboutToBeChanged 5 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 693384eedb qt: Prevent thread/memory leak on exiting RPCConsole 5 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 47db075377 qt: Plug many memory leaks 5 years ago
  Andrew Chow 1077577546 Fix auto-deselection of peers 5 years ago
  Andrew Chow addfdebe1a Multiple Selection for peer and ban tables 5 years ago
  Jon Lund Steffensen 32efa79e0e Qt: Add GUI feedback and control of network activity state. 8 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 69d1c25768
[RPC] Give RPC commands more information about the RPC request 5 years ago
  R E Broadley 1724a405c9 Display minimum ping in debug window. 5 years ago
  Cory Fields cb78c60534 gui: fix ban from qt console 5 years ago
  Pavel Janík f839350420 Do not shadow in src/qt 5 years ago
  Cory Fields c0569c7fa1 net: Add most functions needed for vNodes to CConnman 5 years ago
  Cory Fields a0f3d3cdad net: move ban and addrman functions into CConnman 5 years ago
  Cory Fields 531214fb10 gui: add NodeID to the peer table 5 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 15860448d3
[Qt] RPC-Console: support nested commands and simple value queries 5 years ago
  Cory Fields 21ba407a73 net: narrow include scope after moving to netaddress 5 years ago
  Cory Fields b6c3ff3dae net: Split resolving out of CSubNet 5 years ago
  Cory Fields 31d6b1d5f0 net: Split resolving out of CNetAddr 5 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan a7897c02f7 qt: Remove client name from debug window 5 years ago
  UdjinM6 16698cb77e PR #7772 is not enough to fix the issue with QCompleter, use event filter instead of `connect` 5 years ago
  Pieter Wuille b4d24e142e Report reindexing progress in GUI 5 years ago
  Cory Fields 8b8f87714d net: make Ban/Unban/ClearBan functionality consistent 5 years ago