85 Commits (0ff9320bf5b60968669269b05b0eba65dd69c6b6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  jonnynewbs 0ff9320bf5 refactor TxToJSON() and ScriptPubKeyToJSON() 5 years ago
  Karl-Johan Alm ed60970c83
[test] Test abortrescan command. 4 years ago
  Jimmy Song bc53752616 Tests: Add simple test for getaddednodeinfo 4 years ago
  Jimmy Song c39a6b9ec8 Tests: Refactor to create witness script creation function 4 years ago
  John Newbery 6803e09e6e Move zmq test skipping logic into individual test case. 4 years ago
  Jimmy Song 821dd5e3e1 Tests: Add test for getdifficulty 4 years ago
  John Newbery d54297f1a8 [tests] disconnect_ban: add tests for disconnect-by-nodeid 4 years ago
  John Newbery 5cc3ee24d2 [tests] disconnect_ban: remove dependency on urllib 4 years ago
  John Newbery 12de2f252c [tests] disconnect_ban: use wait_until instead of sleep 4 years ago
  John Newbery 2077fdacd3 [tests] disconnect_ban: add logging 4 years ago
  John Newbery 395561becf [tests] disconnectban test - only use two nodes 4 years ago
  John Newbery e367ad5b44 [tests] rename nodehandling to disconnectban 4 years ago
  John Newbery d6564a26f4 [tests] fix nodehandling.py flake8 warnings 4 years ago
  Jimmy Song 637706dc9e Tests: Put Extended tests first when they're included 4 years ago
  John Newbery a97ed80f97 [tests] test_runner - check unicode 4 years ago
  John Newbery 08e51c1c03 [tests] Remove cache directory by default when running test_runner 4 years ago
  John Newbery c85b080cc7 [test] add warnings to test_runner 4 years ago
  John Newbery 5f4bcf28ef [tests] Remove maxblocksinflight testcase 4 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan e96462fbec tests: Fix test_runner return value in case of skipped test 4 years ago
  John Newbery 45ce471ab0 Reduce spammy test logging 4 years ago
  John Newbery d80baaa514 fixup - align summary row correctly and make colors/glyphs globals 4 years ago
  John Newbery bb92d839d5 [tests] Add unicode symbols for tests passing/failing/skipping 4 years ago
  John Newbery 63062bda1a [tests] color test results and sort alphabetically 4 years ago
  Suhas Daftuar ba7dd8bf6f Test prioritisetransaction and ancestor fee state 4 years ago
  John Newbery 5d08c9c579 Send the correct error code in reject messages 4 years ago
  John Newbery 19ecd1e2e1 Add tests for bitcoin-tx input checking 4 years ago
  John Newbery 21704f6334 Check stderr when testing bitcoin-tx 4 years ago
  John Newbery 6a18bb9a36 [tests] sync_with_ping should assert that ping hasn't timed out 4 years ago
  John Newbery 6426716a99 Add send_await_disconnect() method to p2p-compactblocks.py 4 years ago
  John Newbery a4fd89fddb Make forknotify.py more robust 4 years ago
  John Newbery 1f3d78b4e0 Wait for connection to open in bip9-softforks.py 4 years ago
  John Newbery 159fe88abf Remove SingleNodeConnCB 4 years ago
  practicalswift 85de9d474b Remove call to gettransaction(...) where the result is unused 4 years ago
  practicalswift bd02422332 Remove accidental trailing semicolons in Python code 4 years ago
  John Newbery 8c7288c06b Print out the final 1000 lines of test_framework.log if test fails 4 years ago
  John Newbery 55992f1302 Add --quiet option to suppress rpc-tests.py output 4 years ago
  John Newbery 29d6634a69 Check that all test scripts in test/functional are being run 4 years ago
  MarcoFalke fa4535df57 [qa] combine_logs: Use ordered list for logfiles 4 years ago
  NicolasDorier dd5be2c7b3 [QA] Renaming rawTx into rawtx 4 years ago
  MarcoFalke fa697b7192 [qa] Add setnetworkactive smoke test 4 years ago
  Matthew Zipkin b1f584dbc1 fix build if spaces in src dir path 4 years ago
  John Newbery 717ad131f6 Actually run assumevalid.py. 4 years ago
  Nicolas Dorier 803e6a3503 [QA] Fix typo in fundrawtransaction test 4 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 1b3b5c6f8f
Slightly modify fundrawtransaction.py test (change getnewaddress() into getrawchangeaddress()) 4 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 1090502c3e
Fix superfluous cast and code style nits in RPC wallet-hd.py test 4 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 79df9df348
Switch to 100% for the HD internal keypool size 4 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 02592f4c5e
[Wallet] split the keypool in an internal and external part 4 years ago
  John Newbery 0c1ade6a4b Skip rpcbind_test if OS/network requirements are not met. 4 years ago
  practicalswift 389745901a [tests] Remove unused variables 4 years ago
  practicalswift 72163d4585 [tests] Remove unused and duplicate imports 4 years ago