18 Commits (0315888d0db2f39c784afac19ff5db5086f30820)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Alex Morcos 0315888d0d [test] Remove priority from tests 6 years ago
Alex Morcos 84f7ab08d2 Remove member variable hadNoDependencies from CTxMemPoolEntry 6 years ago
isle2983 27765b6403 Increment MIT Licence copyright header year on files modified in 2016 6 years ago
Pieter Wuille 1662b437b3 Make CBlock::vtx a vector of shared_ptr<CTransaction> 6 years ago
Cory Fields cd16f48028 net: Create CConnman to encapsulate p2p connections 6 years ago
Pieter Wuille 2b1f6f9ccf BIP141: Other consensus critical limits, and BIP145 7 years ago
Matt Corallo f4f8f14adc Add TestMemPoolEntryHelper::FromTx version for CTransaction 7 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan f4eae2d910 test: Create test fixture for wallet 7 years ago
Alex Morcos 982670c333 Add LockPoints 7 years ago
MarcoFalke fa60d05a4e Add missing copyright headers 7 years ago
Alex Morcos c49d5bc9e6 Store the total sig op count of a tx. 7 years ago
Suhas Daftuar 7e49f5f8b4 Track coinbase spends in CTxMemPoolEntry 7 years ago
Alex Morcos e587bc3fd9 Implement helper class for CTxMemPoolEntry constructor 7 years ago
Pieter Wuille 6e18268616 Switch to libsecp256k1-based validation for ECDSA 7 years ago
Jorge Timón f3525e24e3 Chainparams: Replace CBaseChainParams::Network enum with string constants (suggested by Wladimir) 7 years ago
Gavin Andresen 517e6dd256 Unit test doublespends in new blocks 7 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan 92fd887fd4 tests: add a BasicTestingSetup and apply to all tests 8 years ago
Pieter Wuille 51598b2631 Reinitialize state in between individual unit tests. 8 years ago