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SHI c93b275591 Rename all 5 years ago
Akira Takizawa 595a7bab23 Increment MIT Licence copyright header year on files modified in 2017 5 years ago
John Newbery 761392db3a [logging] log system time and mock time 5 years ago
practicalswift 0c9b9b7d64 [trivial] Fix recently introduced typos in comments 6 years ago
Suhas Daftuar 99464bc38e net: Consistently use GetTimeMicros() for inactivity checks 6 years ago
MarcoFalke fa24439ff3 Bump copyright headers to 2015 7 years ago
Suhas Daftuar 7bbc7c314f Add option for microsecond precision in debug.log 7 years ago
sandakersmann f914f1a746
Added "Core" to copyright headers 8 years ago
Michael Ford c63a73d18a Update comments in util to be doxygen compatible 8 years ago
Philip Kaufmann 093303a887 add missing header end comments 8 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan ad49c256c3 Split up util.cpp/h 8 years ago