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  fanquake 47eda2d882 [depends] Add -stdlib=libc++ to darwin CXX flags 4 anos atrás
  MarcoFalke fa7a5c54fc [depends] builders: No need to set -L and --location for curl 4 anos atrás
  Luke Dashjr c01f08db12 Bugfix: depends/Travis: Use --location (follow redirects) and --fail [on HTTP error response] with curl 4 anos atrás
  Luke Dashjr 1ecbb3b0f7 depends: Use curl for fetching on Linux 4 anos atrás
  Cory Fields df7565d99c depends: add sensible download timeout/retry values 6 anos atrás
  Cory Fields 1dec09b341 depends: add shared dependency builder 6 anos atrás