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  SHI 0d0140ff16 Rename all 3 years ago
  practicalswift 90d4d89230 scripted-diff: Use the C++11 keyword nullptr to denote the pointer literal instead of the macro NULL 4 years ago
  Jeremy Rubin 30ac7688e3 Fix subscript[0] potential bugs in key.cpp 4 years ago
  practicalswift b51aaf1c42 Remove unused C++ code not covered by unit tests 4 years ago
  isle2983 27765b6403 Increment MIT Licence copyright header year on files modified in 2016 4 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan f4d1fc259b wallet: Get rid of LockObject and UnlockObject calls in key.h 4 years ago
  Pavel Janík 4731cab8fb Do not shadow variables 4 years ago
  Pieter Wuille fa2637a3be Always require OS randomness when generating secret keys 5 years ago
  Jonas Schnelli 90604f16af
add bip32 pubkey serialization 6 years ago
  MarcoFalke fa24439ff3 Bump copyright headers to 2015 5 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 48edf5746a Update key.cpp to new secp256k1 API 5 years ago
  Cory Fields a574899671 chaincodes: abstract away more chaincode behavior 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille a56054be65 Update key.cpp to use new libsecp256k1 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 8cf1485f3b Abstract chaincodes into CChainCode 7 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 437ada3e55 Switch test case signing to RFC6979 extra entropy 6 years ago
  Cory Fields 16a58a8644 keys: remove libsecp256k1 verification until it's actually supported 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 1a9576de9d Use libsecp256k1's RFC6979 implementation 6 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 734f85c4f0 Use arith_uint256 where necessary 6 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 4f1524966a Replace direct use of 0 with SetNull and IsNull 6 years ago
  sandakersmann f914f1a746
Added "Core" to copyright headers 6 years ago
  21E14 146c0a7c5a Add RandAddSeedPerfmon to MakeNewKey 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 830ee48b59 Update Bitcoin for libsecp256k1 API change 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 4cdaa95a20 Resize after succesful result 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille f321d6bfff Add key generation/verification to ECC sanity check 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille d0c41a7350 Add sanity check after key generation 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille a53fd41485 Deterministic signing 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 36fa4a78ac Split up crypto/sha2 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille dffb8f81b8 Use libsecp256k1 in key.cpp 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille f4e0aefadc Do signature-s negation inside the tests 6 years ago
  Cory Fields d2e74c55bd boost: moveonly: split CPubKey and friends to new files 6 years ago
  Cory Fields 78c228c6e5 boost: moveonly: move BIP32Hash to hash.h 6 years ago
  Cory Fields 900078aeb4 boost: moveonly: create eccryptoverify.h|cpp and move helper functions there 6 years ago
  Michael Ford 2b173d3bcc Update comments in keystore to be doxygen compatible 6 years ago
  Michael Ford ffd8eddab5 Update comments in key to be doxygen compatible 6 years ago
  Cory Fields 50f71cd52e boost: code movement only: split CECKey into separate files 6 years ago
  Cory Fields bdaec6abd3 boost: remove CPubKey dependency from CECKey. Follow-up of e405aa48 6 years ago
  Cory Fields e405aa48c7 boost: remove CPrivKey dependency from CECKey 6 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 8138cbea3c Add automatic script test generation, and actual checksig tests 6 years ago
  ENikS 8d657a6517 Fixing compiler warning C4800: 'type' forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false' 7 years ago
  ENikS c0f5d4aba5 Fixing Compiler Error C2466 7 years ago
  Philip Kaufmann 001a53d742 add GetRandBytes() as wrapper for RAND_bytes() 7 years ago
  Pieter Wuille fda3fed18a libsecp256k1 integration 7 years ago
  Philip Kaufmann e10dcf27b4 ensure clean and consistent "namespace" usage 7 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 13b5dfef64 Move crypto implementations to src/crypto/ 7 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 977cdadea8 Add a built-in SHA256/SHA512 implementation. 7 years ago
  Andrew Poelstra 4a09e1df51
key.cpp: fail with a friendlier message on missing ssl EC support 7 years ago
  Kamil Domanski f40dbeedde remove CPubKey::VerifyCompact( ) which is never used 7 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 6fd7ef2bbf Also switch the (unused) verification code to low-s instead of even-s. 7 years ago
  Gregory Maxwell 9b59e3bda8 Sanitize assert usage and refuse to compile with NDEBUG. 7 years ago
  Brandon Dahler 51ed9ec971 Cleanup code using forward declarations. 8 years ago