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tests: remove old pull-tester scripts

They're unused since the switch to Travis
Cory Fields 6 years ago
3 changed files with 1 additions and 216 deletions
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@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ check-local:
@qa/pull-tester/ $(JAVA) -jar $(JAVA_COMPARISON_TOOL) qa/tmp/compTool $(COMPARISON_TOOL_REORG_TESTS) 2>&1

EXTRA_DIST = $(top_srcdir)/share/ qa/pull-tester/ qa/rpc-tests $(DIST_DOCS) $(WINDOWS_PACKAGING) $(OSX_PACKAGING)
EXTRA_DIST = $(top_srcdir)/share/ qa/rpc-tests $(DIST_DOCS) $(WINDOWS_PACKAGING) $(OSX_PACKAGING)


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qa/pull-tester/ View File

@@ -1,193 +0,0 @@
# Copyright (c) 2013-2014 The Bitcoin Core developers
# Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
# file COPYING or
import json
from urllib import urlopen
import requests
import getpass
from string import Template
import sys
import os
import subprocess

class RunError(Exception):
def __init__(self, value):
self.value = value
def __str__(self):
return repr(self.value)

def run(command, **kwargs):
fail_hard = kwargs.pop("fail_hard", True)
# output to /dev/null by default:
kwargs.setdefault("stdout", open('/dev/null', 'w'))
kwargs.setdefault("stderr", open('/dev/null', 'w'))
command = Template(command).substitute(os.environ)
if "TRACE" in os.environ:
if 'cwd' in kwargs:
print("[cwd=%s] %s"%(kwargs['cwd'], command))
else: print(command)
process = subprocess.Popen(command.split(' '), **kwargs)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
if process.returncode != 0 and fail_hard:
raise RunError("Failed: "+command)
return process.returncode

def checkout_pull(clone_url, commit, out):
# Init
run("umount ${CHROOT_COPY}/proc", fail_hard=False)
run("rsync --delete -apv ${CHROOT_MASTER}/ ${CHROOT_COPY}")
run("rm -rf ${CHROOT_COPY}${SCRIPTS_DIR}")
# Merge onto upstream/master
run("rm -rf ${BUILD_DIR}")
run("mkdir -p ${BUILD_DIR}")
run("git clone ${CLONE_URL} ${BUILD_DIR}")
run("git remote add pull "+clone_url, cwd=build_dir, stdout=out, stderr=out)
run("git fetch pull", cwd=build_dir, stdout=out, stderr=out)
if run("git merge "+ commit, fail_hard=False, cwd=build_dir, stdout=out, stderr=out) != 0:
return False
run("chown -R ${BUILD_USER}:${BUILD_GROUP} ${BUILD_DIR}", stdout=out, stderr=out)
run("mount --bind /proc ${CHROOT_COPY}/proc")
return True

def commentOn(commentUrl, success, inMerge, needTests, linkUrl):
common_message = """
This test script verifies pulls every time they are updated. It, however, dies sometimes and fails to test properly. If you are waiting on a test, please check timestamps to verify that the test.log is moving at
Contact BlueMatt on freenode if something looks broken."""

# Remove old BitcoinPullTester comments (I'm being lazy and not paginating here)
recentcomments = requests.get(commentUrl+"?sort=created&direction=desc",
auth=(os.environ['GITHUB_USER'], os.environ["GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN"])).json
for comment in recentcomments:
if comment["user"]["login"] == os.environ["GITHUB_USER"] and common_message in comment["body"]:
auth=(os.environ['GITHUB_USER'], os.environ["GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN"]))

if success == True:
if needTests:
message = "Automatic sanity-testing: PLEASE ADD TEST-CASES, though technically passed. See " + linkUrl + " for binaries and test log."
message = "Automatic sanity-testing: PASSED, see " + linkUrl + " for binaries and test log."

post_data = { "body" : message + common_message}
elif inMerge:
post_data = { "body" : "Automatic sanity-testing: FAILED MERGE, see " + linkUrl + " for test log." + """

This pull does not merge cleanly onto current master""" + common_message}
post_data = { "body" : "Automatic sanity-testing: FAILED BUILD/TEST, see " + linkUrl + " for binaries and test log." + """

This could happen for one of several reasons:
1. It chanages changes build scripts in a way that made them incompatible with the automated testing scripts (please tweak those patches in qa/pull-tester)
2. It adds/modifies tests which test network rules (thanks for doing that), which conflicts with a patch applied at test time
3. It does not build on either Linux i386 or Win32 (via MinGW cross compile)
4. The test suite fails on either Linux i386 or Win32
5. The block test-cases failed (lookup the first bNN identifier which failed in

If you believe this to be in error, please ping BlueMatt on freenode or TheBlueMatt here.
""" + common_message}

resp =, json.dumps(post_data), auth=(os.environ['GITHUB_USER'], os.environ["GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN"]))

def testpull(number, comment_url, clone_url, commit):
print("Testing pull %d: %s : %s"%(number, clone_url,commit))

dir = os.environ["RESULTS_DIR"] + "/" + commit + "/"
print(" ouput to %s"%dir)
if os.path.exists(dir):
os.system("rm -r " + dir)
currentdir = os.environ["RESULTS_DIR"] + "/current"
os.system("rm -r "+currentdir)
os.system("ln -s " + dir + " " + currentdir)
out = open(dir + "test.log", 'w+')

resultsurl = os.environ["RESULTS_URL"] + commit
checkedout = checkout_pull(clone_url, commit, out)
if checkedout != True:
print("Failed to test pull - sending comment to: " + comment_url)
commentOn(comment_url, False, True, False, resultsurl)
open(os.environ["TESTED_DB"], "a").write(commit + "\n")

run("rm -rf ${CHROOT_COPY}/${OUT_DIR}", fail_hard=False);
run("mkdir -p ${CHROOT_COPY}/${OUT_DIR}", fail_hard=False);
run("chown -R ${BUILD_USER}:${BUILD_GROUP} ${CHROOT_COPY}/${OUT_DIR}", fail_hard=False)

script = os.environ["BUILD_PATH"]+"/qa/pull-tester/"
script += " ${BUILD_PATH} ${MINGW_DEPS_DIR} ${SCRIPTS_DIR}/BitcoindComparisonTool_jar/BitcoindComparisonTool.jar 0 6 ${OUT_DIR}"
returncode = run("chroot ${CHROOT_COPY} sudo -u ${BUILD_USER} -H timeout ${TEST_TIMEOUT} "+script,
fail_hard=False, stdout=out, stderr=out)

run("mv ${CHROOT_COPY}/${OUT_DIR} " + dir)
run("mv ${BUILD_DIR} " + dir)

if returncode == 42:
print("Successfully tested pull (needs tests) - sending comment to: " + comment_url)
commentOn(comment_url, True, False, True, resultsurl)
elif returncode != 0:
print("Failed to test pull - sending comment to: " + comment_url)
commentOn(comment_url, False, False, False, resultsurl)
print("Successfully tested pull - sending comment to: " + comment_url)
commentOn(comment_url, True, False, False, resultsurl)
open(os.environ["TESTED_DB"], "a").write(commit + "\n")

def environ_default(setting, value):
if not setting in os.environ:
os.environ[setting] = value

if getpass.getuser() != "root":
print("Run me as root!")

if "GITHUB_USER" not in os.environ or "GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN" not in os.environ:
print("GITHUB_USER and/or GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN environment variables not set")

environ_default("CLONE_URL", "")
environ_default("MINGW_DEPS_DIR", "/mnt/w32deps")
environ_default("SCRIPTS_DIR", "/mnt/test-scripts")
environ_default("CHROOT_COPY", "/mnt/chroot-tmp")
environ_default("CHROOT_MASTER", "/mnt/chroot")
environ_default("OUT_DIR", "/mnt/out")
environ_default("BUILD_PATH", "/mnt/bitcoin")
os.environ["BUILD_DIR"] = os.environ["CHROOT_COPY"] + os.environ["BUILD_PATH"]
environ_default("RESULTS_DIR", "/mnt/www/pull-tester")
environ_default("RESULTS_URL", "")
environ_default("GITHUB_REPO", "bitcoin/bitcoin")
environ_default("TESTED_DB", "/mnt/commits-tested.txt")
environ_default("BUILD_USER", "matt")
environ_default("BUILD_GROUP", "matt")
environ_default("TEST_TIMEOUT", str(60*60*2))

print("Optional usage: 2112")

f = open(os.environ["TESTED_DB"])
tested = set( line.rstrip() for line in f.readlines() )

if len(sys.argv) > 1:
pull = requests.get(""+os.environ["GITHUB_REPO"]+"/pulls/"+sys.argv[1],
auth=(os.environ['GITHUB_USER'], os.environ["GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN"])).json
testpull(pull["number"], pull["_links"]["comments"]["href"],
pull["head"]["repo"]["clone_url"], pull["head"]["sha"])

for page in range(1,100):
result = requests.get(""+os.environ["GITHUB_REPO"]+"/pulls?state=open&page=%d"%(page,),
auth=(os.environ['GITHUB_USER'], os.environ["GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN"])).json
if len(result) == 0: break;
for pull in result:
if pull["head"]["sha"] in tested:
print("Pull %d already tested"%(pull["number"],))
testpull(pull["number"], pull["_links"]["comments"]["href"],
pull["head"]["repo"]["clone_url"], pull["head"]["sha"])

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- 22
qa/pull-tester/ View File

@@ -1,22 +0,0 @@
# Copyright (c) 2013-2014 The Bitcoin Core developers
# Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
# file COPYING or
# Helper script for pull-tester.
#Param 1: path to bitcoin srcroot
#Param ...: arguments for

if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
echo "usage: $0 [bitcoin srcroot] build-test arguments..."

killall -q bitcoin-cli
killall -q bitcoind

cd $1

./qa/pull-tester/ "$@"