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doc: Add getreceivedbyaddress release notes

Also, remove release note snippets of previous versions.
MarcoFalke 5 years ago
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@ -56,18 +56,6 @@ frequently tested on them. @@ -56,18 +56,6 @@ frequently tested on them.
Notable changes
Miner block size limiting deprecated
Though blockmaxweight has been preferred for limiting the size of blocks returned by
getblocktemplate since 0.13.0, blockmaxsize remained as an option for those who wished
to limit their block size directly. Using this option resulted in a few UI issues as
well as non-optimal fee selection and ever-so-slightly worse performance, and has thus
now been deprecated. Further, the blockmaxsize option is now used only to calculate an
implied blockmaxweight, instead of limiting block size directly. Any miners who wish
to limit their blocks by size, instead of by weight, will have to do so manually by
removing transactions from their block template directly.
HD-wallets by default
Due to a backward-incompatible change in the wallet database, wallets created
@ -76,18 +64,13 @@ will only create hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets. @@ -76,18 +64,13 @@ will only create hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets.
Low-level RPC changes
- `listsinceblock` will now throw an error if an unknown `blockhash` argument
value is passed, instead of returning a list of all wallet transactions since
the genesis block.
- The "currentblocksize" value in getmininginfo has been removed.
- The deprecated RPC `getinfo` was removed. It is recommended that the more specific RPCs are used:
* `getblockchaininfo`
* `getnetworkinfo`
* `getwalletinfo`
* `getmininginfo`
- The wallet RPC `getreceivedbyaddress` will return an error if called with an address not in the wallet.
- `dumpwallet` no longer allows overwriting files. This is a security measure
as well as prevents dangerous user mistakes.