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Notably, trivial should only be used for PRs that do not change the
John Newbery 6 years ago
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- Create pull request
The title of the pull request should be prefixed by the component or area that
the pull request affects. Examples:
the pull request affects. Valid areas as:
- *Consensus* for changes to consensus critical code
- *Docs* for changes to the documentation
- *Qt* for changes to bitcoin-qt
- *Mining* for changes to the mining code
- *Net* or *P2P* for changes to the peer-to-peer network code
- *RPC/REST/ZMQ* for changes to the RPC, REST or ZMQ APIs
- *Scripts and tools* for changes to the scripts and tools
- *Tests* for changes to the bitcoin unit tests or QA tests
- *Trivial* should **only** be used for PRs that do not change generated
executable code. Notably, refactors (change of function arguments and code
reorganization) and changes in behavior should **not** be marked as trivial.
Examples of trivial PRs are changes to:
- comments
- whitespace
- variable names
- logging and messages
- *Utils and libraries* for changes to the utils and libraries
- *Wallet* for changes to the wallet code
Consensus: Add new opcode for BIP-XXXX OP_CHECKAWESOMESIG
Net: Automatically create hidden service, listen on Tor