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make install

Use Qt Creator as IDE
You can use Qt Creator as IDE, for debugging and for manipulating forms, etc.
Download Qt Creator from Download the "community edition" and only install Qt Creator (uncheck the rest during the installation process).

1. Make sure you installed everything through homebrew mentioned above
2. Do a proper ./configure --with-gui=qt5 --enable-debug
3. In Qt Creator do "New Project" -> Import Project -> Import Existing Project
4. Enter "bitcoin-qt" as project name, enter src/qt as location
5. Leave the file selection as it is
6. Confirm the "summary page"
7. In the "Projects" tab select "Manage Kits..."
8. Select the default "Desktop" kit and select "Clang (x86 64bit in /usr/bin)" as compiler
9. Select LLDB as debugger (you might need to set the path to your installtion)
10. Start debugging with Qt Creator

Creating a release build
You can ignore this section if you are building `bitcoind` for your own use.