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Reapply: Reject transactions with excessive numbers of sigops

Reverting was based on a misunderstanding, it appears.

Github-Pull: #4150
Peter Todd 7 years ago
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src/main.cpp View File

@@ -956,9 +956,18 @@ bool AcceptToMemoryPool(CTxMemPool& pool, CValidationState &state, const CTransa
if (Params().RequireStandard() && !AreInputsStandard(tx, view))
return error("AcceptToMemoryPool: : nonstandard transaction input");

// Note: if you modify this code to accept non-standard transactions, then
// you should add code here to check that the transaction does a
// reasonable number of ECDSA signature verifications.
// Check that the transaction doesn't have an excessive number of
// sigops, making it impossible to mine. Since the coinbase transaction
// itself can contain sigops MAX_TX_SIGOPS is less than
// MAX_BLOCK_SIGOPS; we still consider this an invalid rather than
// merely non-standard transaction.
unsigned int nSigOps = GetLegacySigOpCount(tx);
nSigOps += GetP2SHSigOpCount(tx, view);
if (nSigOps > MAX_TX_SIGOPS)
return state.DoS(0,
error("AcceptToMemoryPool : too many sigops %s, %d > %d",
hash.ToString(), nSigOps, MAX_TX_SIGOPS),
REJECT_NONSTANDARD, "bad-txns-too-many-sigops");

int64_t nValueOut = tx.GetValueOut();
int64_t nFees = nValueIn-nValueOut;

+ 2
- 0
src/main.h View File

@@ -45,6 +45,8 @@ static const unsigned int MAX_STANDARD_TX_SIZE = 100000;
static const unsigned int MAX_BLOCK_SIGOPS = MAX_BLOCK_SIZE/50;
/** Maxiumum number of signature check operations in an IsStandard() P2SH script */
static const unsigned int MAX_P2SH_SIGOPS = 15;
/** The maximum number of sigops we're willing to relay/mine in a single tx */
static const unsigned int MAX_TX_SIGOPS = MAX_BLOCK_SIGOPS/5;
/** The maximum number of orphan transactions kept in memory */
static const unsigned int MAX_ORPHAN_TRANSACTIONS = MAX_BLOCK_SIZE/100;
/** Default for -maxorphanblocks, maximum number of orphan blocks kept in memory */