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Fix RPC failure testing

Make sure that RPC tests are actually checking failures correctly by:

- Catching JSON RPC exceptions and verifying the error codes and messages.
- Failing the test case if the JSON RPC exception isn't raised.
John Newbery 5 yıl önce

+ 1
- 1
qa/rpc-tests/rpcnamedargs.py Dosyayı Görüntüle

@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ class NamedArgumentTest(BitcoinTestFramework):
h = node.help(command='getinfo')

assert_raises_jsonrpc(-8, node.help, random='getinfo')
assert_raises_jsonrpc(-8, 'Unknown named parameter', node.help, random='getinfo')

h = node.getblockhash(height=0)

+ 20
- 3
qa/rpc-tests/test_framework/util.py Dosyayı Görüntüle

@@ -550,13 +550,30 @@ def assert_raises_message(exc, message, fun, *args, **kwds):
raise AssertionError("No exception raised")

def assert_raises_jsonrpc(code, fun, *args, **kwds):
'''Check for specific JSONRPC exception code'''
def assert_raises_jsonrpc(code, message, fun, *args, **kwds):
"""Run an RPC and verify that a specific JSONRPC exception code and message is raised.

Calls function `fun` with arguments `args` and `kwds`. Catches a JSONRPCException
and verifies that the error code and message are as expected. Throws AssertionError if
no JSONRPCException was returned or if the error code/message are not as expected.

code (int), optional: the error code returned by the RPC call (defined
in src/rpc/protocol.h). Set to None if checking the error code is not required.
message (string), optional: [a substring of] the error string returned by the
RPC call. Set to None if checking the error string is not required
fun (function): the function to call. This should be the name of an RPC.
args*: positional arguments for the function.
kwds**: named arguments for the function.
fun(*args, **kwds)
except JSONRPCException as e:
if e.error["code"] != code:
# JSONRPCException was thrown as expected. Check the code and message values are correct.
if (code is not None) and (code != e.error["code"]):
raise AssertionError("Unexpected JSONRPC error code %i" % e.error["code"])
if (message is not None) and (message not in e.error['message']):
raise AssertionError("Expected substring not found:"+e.error['message'])
except Exception as e:
raise AssertionError("Unexpected exception raised: "+type(e).__name__)