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[doc] Removing comments about dirty entries on txmempool

Simone Madeo 4 years ago
1 changed files with 2 additions and 17 deletions
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@@ -60,11 +60,6 @@ class CTxMemPool;
* (nCountWithDescendants, nSizeWithDescendants, and nModFeesWithDescendants) for
* all ancestors of the newly added transaction.
* If updating the descendant state is skipped, we can mark the entry as
* "dirty", and set nSizeWithDescendants/nModFeesWithDescendants to equal nTxSize/
* nFee+feeDelta. (This can potentially happen during a reorg, where we limit the
* amount of work we're willing to do to avoid consuming too much CPU.)

class CTxMemPoolEntry
@@ -83,9 +78,7 @@ private:

// Information about descendants of this transaction that are in the
// mempool; if we remove this transaction we must remove all of these
// descendants as well. if nCountWithDescendants is 0, treat this entry as
// dirty, and nSizeWithDescendants and nModFeesWithDescendants will not be
// correct.
// descendants as well.
uint64_t nCountWithDescendants; //!< number of descendant transactions
uint64_t nSizeWithDescendants; //!< ... and size
CAmount nModFeesWithDescendants; //!< ... and total fees (all including us)
@@ -116,7 +109,7 @@ public:
size_t DynamicMemoryUsage() const { return nUsageSize; }
const LockPoints& GetLockPoints() const { return lockPoints; }

// Adjusts the descendant state, if this entry is not dirty.
// Adjusts the descendant state.
void UpdateDescendantState(int64_t modifySize, CAmount modifyFee, int64_t modifyCount);
// Adjusts the ancestor state
void UpdateAncestorState(int64_t modifySize, CAmount modifyFee, int64_t modifyCount, int modifySigOps);
@@ -399,14 +392,6 @@ enum class MemPoolRemovalReason {
* CalculateMemPoolAncestors() takes configurable limits that are designed to
* prevent these calculations from being too CPU intensive.
* Adding transactions from a disconnected block can be very time consuming,
* because we don't have a way to limit the number of in-mempool descendants.
* To bound CPU processing, we limit the amount of work we're willing to do
* to properly update the descendant information for a tx being added from
* a disconnected block. If we would exceed the limit, then we instead mark
* the entry as "dirty", and set the feerate for sorting purposes to be equal
* the feerate of the transaction without any descendants.
class CTxMemPool