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Kalle Alm 5 years ago
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@ -225,6 +225,37 @@ discussed extensively on the mailing list and IRC, be accompanied by a widely @@ -225,6 +225,37 @@ discussed extensively on the mailing list and IRC, be accompanied by a widely
discussed BIP and have a generally widely perceived technical consensus of being
a worthwhile change based on the judgement of the maintainers.
### Finding Reviewers
As most reviewers are themselves developers with their own projects, the review
process can be quite lengthy, and some amount of patience is required. If you find
that you've been waiting for a pull request to be given attention for several
months, there may be a number of reasons for this, some of which you can do something
- It may be because of a feature freeze due to an upcoming release. During this time,
only bug fixes are taken into consideration. If your pull request is a new feature,
it will not be prioritized until the release is over. Wait for release.
- It may be because the changes you are suggesting do not appeal to people. Rather than
nits and critique, which require effort and means they care enough to spend time on your
contribution, thundering silence is a good sign of widespread (mild) dislike of a given change
(because people don't assume *others* won't actually like the proposal). Don't take
that personally, though! Instead, take another critical look at what you are suggesting
and see if it: changes too much, is too broad, doesn't adhere to the
[developer notes](doc/, is dangerous or insecure, is messily written, etc.
Identify and address any of the issues you find. Then ask e.g. on IRC if someone could give
their opinion on the concept itself.
- It may be because your code is too complex for all but a few people. And those people
may not have realized your pull request even exists. A great way to find people who
are qualified and care about the code you are touching is the
[Git Blame feature]( Simply
find the person touching the code you are touching before you and see if you can find
them and give them a nudge. Don't be incessant about the nudging though.
- Finally, if all else fails, ask on IRC or elsewhere for someone to give your pull request
a look. If you think you've been waiting an unreasonably long amount of time (month+) for
no particular reason (few lines changed, etc), this is totally fine. Try to return the favor
when someone else is asking for feedback on their code, and universe balances out.
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