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util: Fix multiple use of LockDirectory

This commit fixes problems with calling LockDirectory multiple times on
the same directory, or from multiple threads. It also fixes the build on

- Wrap the boost::interprocess::file_lock in a std::unique_ptr inside
  the map that keeps track of per-directory locks. This fixes a build
  issue with the clang 4.0.0+boost-1.58.0p8 version combo on OpenBSD
  6.2, and should have no observable effect otherwise.

- Protect the locks map using a mutex.

- Make sure that only locks that are successfully acquired are inserted
  in the map.

- Open the lock file for appending only if we know we don't have the
  lock yet - The `FILE* file = fsbridge::fopen(pathLockFile, "a");`
  wipes the 'we own this lock' administration, likely because it opens
  a new fd for the locked file then closes it.

Github-Pull: #12422
Rebased-From: fc888bfcac
Tree-SHA512: c8b8942fad9ea9d9e55f8e5e360f7cf3a8b00cd17e6bc5ec5895e1e6ddcbca796e62e82856e82f0562869a624d75ad510e108077461bb47a87b2b52be0aba866
Wladimir J. van der Laan 2 years ago
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1 changed files with 20 additions and 6 deletions
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@@ -378,18 +378,32 @@ int LogPrintStr(const std::string &str)

bool LockDirectory(const fs::path& directory, const std::string lockfile_name, bool probe_only)
// A map that contains all the currently held directory locks. After
// successful locking, these will be held here until the global
// destructor cleans them up and thus automatically unlocks them.
static std::map<std::string, std::unique_ptr<boost::interprocess::file_lock>> locks;
// Protect the map with a mutex
static std::mutex cs;
std::lock_guard<std::mutex> ulock(cs);
fs::path pathLockFile = directory / lockfile_name;
FILE* file = fsbridge::fopen(pathLockFile, "a"); // empty lock file; created if it doesn't exist.

// If a lock for this directory already exists in the map, don't try to re-lock it
if (locks.count(pathLockFile.string())) {
return true;

// Create empty lock file if it doesn't exist.
FILE* file = fsbridge::fopen(pathLockFile, "a");
if (file) fclose(file);

try {
static std::map<std::string, boost::interprocess::file_lock> locks;
boost::interprocess::file_lock& lock = locks.emplace(pathLockFile.string(), pathLockFile.string().c_str()).first->second;
if (!lock.try_lock()) {
auto lock = MakeUnique<boost::interprocess::file_lock>(pathLockFile.string().c_str());
if (!lock->try_lock()) {
return false;
if (probe_only) {
if (!probe_only) {
// Lock successful and we're not just probing, put it into the map
locks.emplace(pathLockFile.string(), std::move(lock));
} catch (const boost::interprocess::interprocess_exception& e) {
return error("Error while attempting to lock directory %s: %s", directory.string(), e.what());