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Update readme-qt.rst for 0.6.0

- Remove features list (no longer makes sense)
- Document USE_QRCODE
Wladimir J. van der Laan 11 years ago
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Bitcoin-qt: Qt4 GUI for Bitcoin
- All functionality of the Wx GUI, including wallet encryption
- Compatibility with Linux (both GNOME and KDE), MacOSX and Windows
- Notification on incoming / outgoing transactions (compatible with FreeDesktop and other desktop notification schemes)
- General interface improvements: Splash screen, tabbed interface
- Overview page with current balance, unconfirmed balance, and such
- Better transaction list with status icons, real-time filtering and a context menu
- Asks for confirmation before sending coins, for your own safety
- CSV export of transactions and address book (for Excel bookkeeping)
- Shows alternative icon when connected to testnet, so you never accidentally send real coins during testing
- Shows a progress bar on initial block download, so that you don't have to wonder how many blocks it needs to download to be up to date
- Sendmany support, send to multiple recipients at the same time
- Multiple unit support, can show subdivided bitcoins (uBTC, mBTC) for users that like large numbers
- Support for English, German, Russian and Dutch languages
- Address books and transaction table can be sorted by any column
- Accepts "bitcoin:" URLs from browsers and other sources through drag and drop
Build instructions
@ -137,6 +104,20 @@ FreeDesktop notification interface through DBUS using the following qmake option @@ -137,6 +104,20 @@ FreeDesktop notification interface through DBUS using the following qmake option
qmake "USE_DBUS=1"
Generation of QR codes
libqrencode may be used to generate QRCode images for payment requests.
It can be downloaded from, or installed via your package manager. Pass the USE_QRCODE
flag to qmake to control this:
| USE_QRCODE=0 | (the default) No QRCode support - libarcode not required |
| USE_QRCODE=1 | QRCode support enabled |
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