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Merge #9966: Control mempool persistence using a command line parameter

a750d77 Add tests for mempool persistence (John Newbery)
91c91e1 Control mempool persistence using a command line parameter. (John Newbery)

Tree-SHA512: 157d01cefd1903b8bfc5cbab42a3cc5e9c1094179bf4b64b3d34c0d4d9b976d593755bfea5c41c631cb758e1de17c6c2058c130d487d20560b7c0bafcddfa520
Wladimir J. van der Laan 4 years ago
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src/init.cpp View File

@@ -208,8 +208,9 @@ void Shutdown()

if (fDumpMempoolLater)
if (fDumpMempoolLater && GetArg("-persistmempool", DEFAULT_PERSIST_MEMPOOL)) {

if (fFeeEstimatesInitialized)
@@ -354,6 +355,7 @@ std::string HelpMessage(HelpMessageMode mode)
strUsage += HelpMessageOpt("-maxorphantx=<n>", strprintf(_("Keep at most <n> unconnectable transactions in memory (default: %u)"), DEFAULT_MAX_ORPHAN_TRANSACTIONS));
strUsage += HelpMessageOpt("-maxmempool=<n>", strprintf(_("Keep the transaction memory pool below <n> megabytes (default: %u)"), DEFAULT_MAX_MEMPOOL_SIZE));
strUsage += HelpMessageOpt("-mempoolexpiry=<n>", strprintf(_("Do not keep transactions in the mempool longer than <n> hours (default: %u)"), DEFAULT_MEMPOOL_EXPIRY));
strUsage += HelpMessageOpt("-persistmempool", strprintf(_("Whether to save the mempool on shutdown and load on restart (default: %u)"), DEFAULT_PERSIST_MEMPOOL));
strUsage += HelpMessageOpt("-blockreconstructionextratxn=<n>", strprintf(_("Extra transactions to keep in memory for compact block reconstructions (default: %u)"), DEFAULT_BLOCK_RECONSTRUCTION_EXTRA_TXN));
strUsage += HelpMessageOpt("-par=<n>", strprintf(_("Set the number of script verification threads (%u to %d, 0 = auto, <0 = leave that many cores free, default: %d)"),
@@ -679,8 +681,10 @@ void ThreadImport(std::vector<fs::path> vImportFiles)
} // End scope of CImportingNow
fDumpMempoolLater = !fRequestShutdown;
if (GetArg("-persistmempool", DEFAULT_PERSIST_MEMPOOL)) {
fDumpMempoolLater = !fRequestShutdown;

/** Sanity checks

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- 1
src/validation.h View File

@@ -131,7 +131,8 @@ static const bool DEFAULT_PERMIT_BAREMULTISIG = true;
static const bool DEFAULT_CHECKPOINTS_ENABLED = true;
static const bool DEFAULT_TXINDEX = false;
static const unsigned int DEFAULT_BANSCORE_THRESHOLD = 100;

/** Default for -persistmempool */
static const bool DEFAULT_PERSIST_MEMPOOL = true;
/** Default for -mempoolreplacement */
static const bool DEFAULT_ENABLE_REPLACEMENT = true;
/** Default for using fee filter */

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test/functional/ View File

@@ -0,0 +1,91 @@
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright (c) 2014-2017 The Bitcoin Core developers
# Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
# file COPYING or
"""Test mempool persistence.

By default, bitcoind will dump mempool on shutdown and
then reload it on startup. This can be overridden with
the -persistmempool=false command line option.

Test is as follows:

- start node0, node1 and node2. node1 has -persistmempool=false
- create 5 transactions on node2 to its own address. Note that these
are not sent to node0 or node1 addresses because we don't want
them to be saved in the wallet.
- check that node0 and node1 have 5 transactions in their mempools
- shutdown all nodes.
- startup node0. Verify that it still has 5 transactions
in its mempool. Shutdown node0. This tests that by default the
mempool is persistent.
- startup node1. Verify that its mempool is empty. Shutdown node1.
This tests that with -persistmempool=false, the mempool is not
dumped to disk when the node is shut down.
- Restart node0 with -persistmempool=false. Verify that its mempool is
empty. Shutdown node0. This tests that with -persistmempool=false,
the mempool is not loaded from disk on start up.
- Restart node0 with -persistmempool=true. Verify that it has 5
transactions in its mempool. This tests that -persistmempool=false
does not overwrite a previously valid mempool stored on disk.


from test_framework.test_framework import BitcoinTestFramework
from test_framework.util import *

class MempoolPersistTest(BitcoinTestFramework):

def __init__(self):
self.num_nodes = 3
self.setup_clean_chain = False

def setup_network(self):
# We need 3 nodes for this test. Node1 does not have a persistent mempool.
self.nodes = []
self.nodes.append(start_node(0, self.options.tmpdir))
self.nodes.append(start_node(1, self.options.tmpdir, ["-persistmempool=false"]))
self.nodes.append(start_node(2, self.options.tmpdir))
connect_nodes_bi(self.nodes, 0, 2)
connect_nodes_bi(self.nodes, 1, 2)
self.is_network_split = False

def run_test(self):
chain_height = self.nodes[0].getblockcount()
assert_equal(chain_height, 200)

self.log.debug("Mine a single block to get out of IBD")

self.log.debug("Send 5 transactions from node2 (to its own address)")
for i in range(5):
self.nodes[2].sendtoaddress(self.nodes[2].getnewaddress(), Decimal("10"))

self.log.debug("Verify that node0 and node1 have 5 transactions in their mempools")
assert_equal(len(self.nodes[0].getrawmempool()), 5)
assert_equal(len(self.nodes[1].getrawmempool()), 5)

self.log.debug("Stop-start node0 and node1. Verify that node0 has the transactions in its mempool and node1 does not.")
self.nodes = []
self.nodes.append(start_node(0, self.options.tmpdir))
self.nodes.append(start_node(1, self.options.tmpdir))
assert_equal(len(self.nodes[0].getrawmempool()), 5)
assert_equal(len(self.nodes[1].getrawmempool()), 0)

self.log.debug("Stop-start node0 with -persistmempool=false. Verify that it doesn't load its mempool.dat file.")
self.nodes = []
self.nodes.append(start_node(0, self.options.tmpdir, ["-persistmempool=false"]))
assert_equal(len(self.nodes[0].getrawmempool()), 0)

self.log.debug("Stop-start node0. Verify that it has the transactions in its mempool.")
self.nodes = []
self.nodes.append(start_node(0, self.options.tmpdir))
assert_equal(len(self.nodes[0].getrawmempool()), 5)

if __name__ == '__main__':

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test/functional/ View File

@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ BASE_SCRIPTS= [