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Pieter Wuille 8 years ago
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@@ -107,33 +107,61 @@ class CTxUndo;
class CCoinsView;
class CCoinsViewCache;

/** Register a wallet to receive updates from core */
void RegisterWallet(CWallet* pwalletIn);
/** Unregister a wallet from core */
void UnregisterWallet(CWallet* pwalletIn);
/** Push an updated transaction to all registered wallets */
void SyncWithWallets(const uint256 &hash, const CTransaction& tx, const CBlock* pblock = NULL, bool fUpdate = false);
/** Process an incoming block */
bool ProcessBlock(CNode* pfrom, CBlock* pblock, CDiskBlockPos *dbp = NULL);
/** Check whether enough disk space is available for an incoming block */
bool CheckDiskSpace(uint64 nAdditionalBytes=0);
/** Open a block file (blk?????.dat) */
FILE* OpenBlockFile(const CDiskBlockPos &pos, bool fReadOnly = false);
/** Open an undo file (rev?????.dat) */
FILE* OpenUndoFile(const CDiskBlockPos &pos, bool fReadOnly = false);
/** Import blocks from an external file */
bool LoadExternalBlockFile(FILE* fileIn, CDiskBlockPos *dbp = NULL);
/** Load the block tree and coins database from disk */
bool LoadBlockIndex();
/** Print the loaded block tree */
void PrintBlockTree();
/** Find a block by height in the currently-connected chain */
CBlockIndex* FindBlockByHeight(int nHeight);
/** Process protocol messages received from a given node */
bool ProcessMessages(CNode* pfrom);
/** Send queued protocol messages to be sent to a give node */
bool SendMessages(CNode* pto, bool fSendTrickle);
/** Run the importer thread, which deals with reindexing, loading bootstrap.dat, and whatever is passed to -loadblock */
void ThreadImport(void *parg);
/** Run the miner threads */
void GenerateBitcoins(bool fGenerate, CWallet* pwallet);
/** Generate a new block, without valid proof-of-work */
CBlock* CreateNewBlock(CReserveKey& reservekey);
/** Modify the extranonce in a block */
void IncrementExtraNonce(CBlock* pblock, CBlockIndex* pindexPrev, unsigned int& nExtraNonce);
/** Do mining precalculation */
void FormatHashBuffers(CBlock* pblock, char* pmidstate, char* pdata, char* phash1);
/** Check mined block */
bool CheckWork(CBlock* pblock, CWallet& wallet, CReserveKey& reservekey);
/** Check whether a block hash satisfies the proof-of-work requirement specified by nBits */
bool CheckProofOfWork(uint256 hash, unsigned int nBits);
/** Calculate the minimum amount of work a received block needs, without knowing its direct parent */
unsigned int ComputeMinWork(unsigned int nBase, int64 nTime);
/** Get the number of active peers */
int GetNumBlocksOfPeers();
/** Check whether we are doin an inital block download (synchronizing from disk or network) */
bool IsInitialBlockDownload();
/** Format a string that describes several potential problems detected by the core */
std::string GetWarnings(std::string strFor);
/** Retrieve a transaction (from memory pool, or from disk, if possible) */
bool GetTransaction(const uint256 &hash, CTransaction &tx, uint256 &hashBlock, bool fAllowSlow = false);
/** Connect/disconnect blocks until pindexNew is the new tip of the active block chain */
bool SetBestChain(CBlockIndex* pindexNew);
/** Find the best known block, and make it the tip of the block chain */
bool ConnectBestBlock();
/** Create a new block index entry for a given block hash */
CBlockIndex * InsertBlockIndex(uint256 hash);