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[qa] Fix sync_blocks timeout argument

Motivation for this change is mainly to make sync_blocks behavior easier to
understand. Behavior is unchanged in the normal case when there are only 2
nodes in the rpc_connections set. When there are more than 2 nodes, the
previous "timeout -= wait" statement wouldn't take into account time spent
waiting for all nodes and as a result could lead to blocking for longer than
the requested timeout.
Russell Yanofsky 6 years ago
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@ -123,10 +123,15 @@ def str_to_b64str(string): @@ -123,10 +123,15 @@ def str_to_b64str(string):
def sync_blocks(rpc_connections, *, wait=1, timeout=60):
Wait until everybody has the same tip
Wait until everybody has the same tip.
sync_blocks needs to be called with an rpc_connections set that has least
one node already synced to the latest, stable tip, otherwise there's a
chance it might return before all nodes are stably synced.
maxheight = 0
while timeout > 0:
start_time = cur_time = time.time()
while cur_time <= start_time + timeout:
tips = [r.waitforblockheight(maxheight, int(wait * 1000)) for r in rpc_connections]
heights = [t["height"] for t in tips]
if tips == [tips[0]] * len(tips):
@ -134,8 +139,8 @@ def sync_blocks(rpc_connections, *, wait=1, timeout=60): @@ -134,8 +139,8 @@ def sync_blocks(rpc_connections, *, wait=1, timeout=60):
if heights == [heights[0]] * len(heights):
raise AssertionError("Block sync failed, mismatched block hashes:{}".format(
"".join("\n {!r}".format(tip) for tip in tips)))
timeout -= wait
maxheight = max(heights)
cur_time = time.time()
raise AssertionError("Block sync to height {} timed out:{}".format(
maxheight, "".join("\n {!r}".format(tip) for tip in tips)))