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Unauthenticated REST Interface
The REST API can be enabled with the `-rest` option.
The interface runs on the same port as the JSON-RPC interface, by default port 8332 for mainnet and port 18332 for testnet.
Supported API
`GET /rest/tx/<TX-HASH>.<bin|hex|json>`
Given a transaction hash: returns a transaction in binary, hex-encoded binary, or JSON formats.
For full TX query capability, one must enable the transaction index via "txindex=1" command line / configuration option.
`GET /rest/block/<BLOCK-HASH>.<bin|hex|json>`
`GET /rest/block/notxdetails/<BLOCK-HASH>.<bin|hex|json>`
Given a block hash: returns a block, in binary, hex-encoded binary or JSON formats.
The HTTP request and response are both handled entirely in-memory, thus making maximum memory usage at least 2.66MB (1 MB max block, plus hex encoding) per request.
With the /notxdetails/ option JSON response will only contain the transaction hash instead of the complete transaction details. The option only affects the JSON response.
`GET /rest/headers/<COUNT>/<BLOCK-HASH>.<bin|hex|json>`
Given a block hash: returns <COUNT> amount of blockheaders in upward direction.
`GET /rest/chaininfo.json`
Returns various state info regarding block chain processing.
Only supports JSON as output format.
* chain : (string) current network name as defined in BIP70 (main, test, regtest)
* blocks : (numeric) the current number of blocks processed in the server
* headers : (numeric) the current number of headers we have validated
* bestblockhash : (string) the hash of the currently best block
* difficulty : (numeric) the current difficulty
* verificationprogress : (numeric) estimate of verification progress [0..1]
* chainwork : (string) total amount of work in active chain, in hexadecimal
* pruned : (boolean) if the blocks are subject to pruning
* pruneheight : (numeric) heighest block available
* softforks : (array) status of softforks in progress
####Query UTXO set
`GET /rest/getutxos/<checkmempool>/<txid>-<n>/<txid>-<n>/.../<txid>-<n>.<bin|hex|json>`
The getutxo command allows querying of the UTXO set given a set of outpoints.
See BIP64 for input and output serialisation:
$ curl localhost:18332/rest/getutxos/checkmempool/b2cdfd7b89def827ff8af7cd9bff7627ff72e5e8b0f71210f92ea7a4000c5d75-0.json 2>/dev/null | json_pp
"chaintipHash" : "00000000fb01a7f3745a717f8caebee056c484e6e0bfe4a9591c235bb70506fb",
"chainHeight" : 325347,
"utxos" : [
"scriptPubKey" : {
"addresses" : [
"type" : "pubkeyhash",
"hex" : "76a9141c7cebb529b86a04c683dfa87be49de35bcf589e88ac",
"reqSigs" : 1,
"asm" : "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 1c7cebb529b86a04c683dfa87be49de35bcf589e OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG"
"value" : 8.8687,
"height" : 2147483647,
"txvers" : 1
"bitmap" : "1"
####Memory pool
`GET /rest/mempool/info.json`
Returns various information about the TX mempool.
Only supports JSON as output format.
* size : (numeric) the number of transactions in the TX mempool
* bytes : (numeric) size of the TX mempool in bytes
* usage : (numeric) total TX mempool memory usage
`GET /rest/mempool/contents.json`
Returns transactions in the TX mempool.
Only supports JSON as output format.
Running a web browser on the same node with a REST enabled bitcoind can be a risk. Accessing prepared XSS websites could read out tx/block data of your node by placing links like `<script src="">` which might break the nodes privacy.