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// Copyright (c) 2011-2015 The Bitcoin Core developers
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#if defined(HAVE_CONFIG_H)
#include "config/bitcoin-config.h"
#include <QIcon>
#include <QObject>
class QSystemTrayIcon;
#ifdef USE_DBUS
class QDBusInterface;
/** Cross-platform desktop notification client. */
class Notificator: public QObject
/** Create a new notificator.
@note Ownership of trayIcon is not transferred to this object.
Notificator(const QString &programName, QSystemTrayIcon *trayIcon, QWidget *parent);
// Message class
enum Class
Information, /**< Informational message */
Warning, /**< Notify user of potential problem */
Critical /**< An error occurred */
public Q_SLOTS:
/** Show notification message.
@param[in] cls general message class
@param[in] title title shown with message
@param[in] text message content
@param[in] icon optional icon to show with message
@param[in] millisTimeout notification timeout in milliseconds (defaults to 10 seconds)
@note Platform implementations are free to ignore any of the provided fields except for \a text.
void notify(Class cls, const QString &title, const QString &text,
const QIcon &icon = QIcon(), int millisTimeout = 10000);
QWidget *parent;
enum Mode {
None, /**< Ignore informational notifications, and show a modal pop-up dialog for Critical notifications. */
Freedesktop, /**< Use DBus org.freedesktop.Notifications */
QSystemTray, /**< Use QSystemTray::showMessage */
Growl12, /**< Use the Growl 1.2 notification system (Mac only) */
Growl13, /**< Use the Growl 1.3 notification system (Mac only) */
UserNotificationCenter /**< Use the 10.8+ User Notification Center (Mac only) */
QString programName;
Mode mode;
QSystemTrayIcon *trayIcon;
#ifdef USE_DBUS
QDBusInterface *interface;
void notifyDBus(Class cls, const QString &title, const QString &text, const QIcon &icon, int millisTimeout);
void notifySystray(Class cls, const QString &title, const QString &text, const QIcon &icon, int millisTimeout);
#ifdef Q_OS_MAC
void notifyGrowl(Class cls, const QString &title, const QString &text, const QIcon &icon);
void notifyMacUserNotificationCenter(Class cls, const QString &title, const QString &text, const QIcon &icon);