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#include <QObject>
class OptionsModel;
class AddressTableModel;
class TransactionTableModel;
class CWallet;
class QDateTime;
class QTimer;
/** Model for Bitcoin network client. */
class ClientModel : public QObject
explicit ClientModel(OptionsModel *optionsModel, QObject *parent = 0);
OptionsModel *getOptionsModel();
int getNumConnections() const;
int getNumBlocks() const;
int getNumBlocksAtStartup();
QDateTime getLastBlockDate() const;
//! Return true if client connected to testnet
bool isTestNet() const;
//! Return true if core is doing initial block download
bool inInitialBlockDownload() const;
//! Return conservative estimate of total number of blocks, or 0 if unknown
int getNumBlocksOfPeers() const;
//! Return warnings to be displayed in status bar
QString getStatusBarWarnings() const;
12 years ago
QString formatFullVersion() const;
QString formatBuildDate() const;
QString clientName() const;
QString formatClientStartupTime() const;
12 years ago
OptionsModel *optionsModel;
12 years ago
int cachedNumBlocks;
int cachedNumBlocksOfPeers;
int numBlocksAtStartup;
QTimer *pollTimer;
void subscribeToCoreSignals();
void unsubscribeFromCoreSignals();
void numConnectionsChanged(int count);
void numBlocksChanged(int count, int countOfPeers);
//! Asynchronous error notification
void error(const QString &title, const QString &message, bool modal);
public slots:
void updateTimer();
void updateNumConnections(int numConnections);
void updateAlert(const QString &hash, int status);