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// Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Satoshi Nakamoto
// Copyright (c) 2009-2014 The Bitcoin developers
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#include "bitcoinconsensus.h"
#include "primitives/transaction.h"
#include "script/interpreter.h"
#include "version.h"
namespace {
/** A class that deserializes a single CTransaction one time. */
class TxInputStream
TxInputStream(int nTypeIn, int nVersionIn, const unsigned char *txTo, size_t txToLen) :
TxInputStream& read(char* pch, size_t nSize)
if (nSize > m_remaining)
throw std::ios_base::failure(std::string(__func__) + ": end of data");
if (pch == NULL)
throw std::ios_base::failure(std::string(__func__) + ": bad destination buffer");
if (m_data == NULL)
throw std::ios_base::failure(std::string(__func__) + ": bad source buffer");
memcpy(pch, m_data, nSize);
m_remaining -= nSize;
m_data += nSize;
return *this;
template<typename T>
TxInputStream& operator>>(T& obj)
::Unserialize(*this, obj, m_type, m_version);
return *this;
const int m_type;
const int m_version;
const unsigned char* m_data;
size_t m_remaining;
inline int set_error(bitcoinconsensus_error* ret, bitcoinconsensus_error serror)
if (ret)
*ret = serror;
return 0;
} // anon namespace
int bitcoinconsensus_verify_script(const unsigned char *scriptPubKey, unsigned int scriptPubKeyLen,
const unsigned char *txTo , unsigned int txToLen,
unsigned int nIn, unsigned int flags, bitcoinconsensus_error* err)
try {
TxInputStream stream(SER_NETWORK, PROTOCOL_VERSION, txTo, txToLen);
CTransaction tx;
stream >> tx;
if (nIn >=
return set_error(err, bitcoinconsensus_ERR_TX_INDEX);
if (tx.GetSerializeSize(SER_NETWORK, PROTOCOL_VERSION) != txToLen)
return set_error(err, bitcoinconsensus_ERR_TX_SIZE_MISMATCH);
// Regardless of the verification result, the tx did not error.
set_error(err, bitcoinconsensus_ERR_OK);
return VerifyScript([nIn].scriptSig, CScript(scriptPubKey, scriptPubKey + scriptPubKeyLen), flags, SignatureChecker(tx, nIn), NULL);
} catch (const std::exception&) {
return set_error(err, bitcoinconsensus_ERR_TX_DESERIALIZE); // Error deserializing
unsigned int bitcoinconsensus_version()
// Just use the API version for now