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12 years ago
Bitcoin-qt: Qt4 based GUI replacement for Bitcoin
11 years ago
- All functionality of the Wx GUI, including wallet encryption
12 years ago
- Compatibility with Linux (both GNOME and KDE), MacOSX and Windows
12 years ago
- Notification on incoming / outgoing transactions (compatible with FreeDesktop and other desktop notification schemes)
- General interface improvements: Splash screen, tabbed interface
12 years ago
12 years ago
- Overview page with current balance, unconfirmed balance, and such
12 years ago
- Better transaction list with status icons, real-time filtering and a context menu
12 years ago
- Asks for confirmation before sending coins, for your own safety
12 years ago
12 years ago
- CSV export of transactions and address book (for Excel bookkeeping)
- Shows alternative icon when connected to testnet, so you never accidentally send real coins during testing
12 years ago
12 years ago
- Shows a progress bar on initial block download, so that you don't have to wonder how many blocks it needs to download to be up to date
12 years ago
- Sendmany support, send to multiple recipients at the same time
12 years ago
12 years ago
- Multiple unit support, can show subdivided bitcoins (uBTC, mBTC) for users that like large numbers
- Support for English, German, Russian and Dutch languages
12 years ago
- Address books and transaction table can be sorted by any column
- Accepts "bitcoin:" URLs from browsers and other sources through drag and drop
11 years ago
Build instructions
First, make sure that the required packages for Qt4 development of your
distribution are installed, for Debian and Ubuntu these are:
apt-get install qt4-qmake libqt4-dev build-essential libboost-dev libboost-system-dev \
libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-thread-dev \
libssl-dev libdb4.8++-dev
then execute the following:
Alternatively, install Qt Creator and open the `` file.
An executable named `bitcoin-qt` will be built.
Windows build instructions:
- Download the `QT Windows SDK`_ and install it. You don't need the Symbian stuff, just the desktop Qt.
- Download and extract the `dependencies archive`_ [#]_, or compile openssl, boost and dbcxx yourself.
12 years ago
- Copy the contents of the folder "deps" to "X:\\QtSDK\\mingw", replace X:\\ with the location where you installed the Qt SDK. Make sure that the contents of "deps\\include" end up in the current "include" directory.
- Open the .pro file in QT creator and build as normal (ctrl-B)
.. _`QT Windows SDK`:
11 years ago
.. _`dependencies archive`:
.. [#] PGP signature: (signed with RSA key ID `610945D0`_)
.. _`610945D0`:
Mac OS X
- Download and install the `Qt Mac OS X SDK`_. It is recommended to also install Apple's Xcode with UNIX tools.
- Download and install `MacPorts`_.
- Execute the following commands in a terminal to get the dependencies:
sudo port selfupdate
sudo port install boost db48
- Open the .pro file in Qt Creator and build as normal (cmd-B)
.. _`Qt Mac OS X SDK`:
.. _`MacPorts`:
Build configuration options
UPNnP port forwarding
To use UPnP for port forwarding behind a NAT router (recommended, as more connections overall allow for a faster and more stable bitcoin experience), pass the following argument to qmake:
qmake "USE_UPNP=1"
(in **Qt Creator**, you can find the setting for additional qmake arguments under "Projects" -> "Build Settings" -> "Build Steps", then click "Details" next to **qmake**)
This requires miniupnpc for UPnP port mapping. It can be downloaded from UPnP support is not compiled in by default.
Set USE_UPNP to a different value to control this:
| USE_UPNP= | (the default) no UPnP support, miniupnpc not required; |
| USE_UPNP=0 | UPnP support turned off by default at runtime; |
| USE_UPNP=1 | UPnP support turned on by default at runtime. |
Mac OS X users: miniupnpc is currently outdated on MacPorts. An updated Portfile is provided in contrib/miniupnpc within this project.
You can execute the following commands in a terminal to install it:
cd <location of bitcoin-qt>/contrib/miniupnpc
sudo port install
Notification support for recent (k)ubuntu versions
To see desktop notifications on (k)ubuntu versions starting from 10.04, enable usage of the
FreeDesktop notification interface through DBUS using the following qmake option:
qmake "USE_DBUS=1"
Berkely DB version warning
A warning for people using the *static binary* version of Bitcoin on a Linux/UNIX-ish system (tl;dr: **Berkely DB databases are not forward compatible**).
The static binary version of Bitcoin is linked against libdb4.7 or libdb4.8 (see also `this Debian issue`_).
Now the nasty thing is that databases from 5.X are not compatible with 4.X.
If the globally installed development package of Berkely DB installed on your system is 5.X, any source you
build yourself will be linked against that. The first time you run with a 5.X version the database will be upgraded,
and 4.X cannot open the new format. This means that you cannot go back to the old statically linked version without
significant hassle!
.. _`this Debian issue`: