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// Copyright (c) 2011-2014 The Bitcoin Core developers
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
12 years ago
#if defined(HAVE_CONFIG_H)
#include "config/bitcoin-config.h"
#include "amount.h"
#include <QLabel>
12 years ago
#include <QMainWindow>
#include <QMap>
#include <QMenu>
#include <QPoint>
#include <QSystemTrayIcon>
class ClientModel;
class NetworkStyle;
class Notificator;
class OptionsModel;
class PlatformStyle;
class RPCConsole;
class SendCoinsRecipient;
class UnitDisplayStatusBarControl;
class WalletFrame;
class WalletModel;
class HelpMessageDialog;
12 years ago
class CWallet;
12 years ago
class QAction;
class QProgressBar;
class QProgressDialog;
12 years ago
12 years ago
Bitcoin GUI main class. This class represents the main window of the Bitcoin UI. It communicates with both the client and
wallet models to give the user an up-to-date view of the current core state.
12 years ago
class BitcoinGUI : public QMainWindow
12 years ago
static const QString DEFAULT_WALLET;
explicit BitcoinGUI(const PlatformStyle *platformStyle, const NetworkStyle *networkStyle, QWidget *parent = 0);
/** Set the client model.
The client model represents the part of the core that communicates with the P2P network, and is wallet-agnostic.
void setClientModel(ClientModel *clientModel);
/** Set the wallet model.
The wallet model represents a bitcoin wallet, and offers access to the list of transactions, address book and sending
bool addWallet(const QString& name, WalletModel *walletModel);
bool setCurrentWallet(const QString& name);
void removeAllWallets();
bool enableWallet;
void changeEvent(QEvent *e);
void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event);
void dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event);
void dropEvent(QDropEvent *event);
bool eventFilter(QObject *object, QEvent *event);
ClientModel *clientModel;
WalletFrame *walletFrame;
UnitDisplayStatusBarControl *unitDisplayControl;
QLabel *labelEncryptionIcon;
QLabel *labelConnectionsIcon;
QLabel *labelBlocksIcon;
QLabel *progressBarLabel;
QProgressBar *progressBar;
QProgressDialog *progressDialog;
QMenuBar *appMenuBar;
QAction *overviewAction;
QAction *historyAction;
QAction *quitAction;
QAction *sendCoinsAction;
QAction *sendCoinsMenuAction;
QAction *usedSendingAddressesAction;
QAction *usedReceivingAddressesAction;
QAction *signMessageAction;
QAction *verifyMessageAction;
QAction *aboutAction;
QAction *receiveCoinsAction;
QAction *receiveCoinsMenuAction;
QAction *optionsAction;
QAction *toggleHideAction;
QAction *encryptWalletAction;
QAction *backupWalletAction;
QAction *changePassphraseAction;
QAction *aboutQtAction;
QAction *openRPCConsoleAction;
QAction *openAction;
QAction *showHelpMessageAction;
QSystemTrayIcon *trayIcon;
QMenu *trayIconMenu;
Notificator *notificator;
RPCConsole *rpcConsole;
HelpMessageDialog *helpMessageDialog;
/** Keep track of previous number of blocks, to detect progress */
int prevBlocks;
int spinnerFrame;
const PlatformStyle *platformStyle;
/** Create the main UI actions. */
void createActions();
/** Create the menu bar and sub-menus. */
void createMenuBar();
/** Create the toolbars */
void createToolBars();
/** Create system tray icon and notification */
void createTrayIcon(const NetworkStyle *networkStyle);
/** Create system tray menu (or setup the dock menu) */
void createTrayIconMenu();
/** Enable or disable all wallet-related actions */
void setWalletActionsEnabled(bool enabled);
/** Connect core signals to GUI client */
void subscribeToCoreSignals();
/** Disconnect core signals from GUI client */
void unsubscribeFromCoreSignals();
/** Signal raised when a URI was entered or dragged to the GUI */
void receivedURI(const QString &uri);
public Q_SLOTS:
/** Set number of connections shown in the UI */
void setNumConnections(int count);
/** Set number of blocks and last block date shown in the UI */
void setNumBlocks(int count, const QDateTime& blockDate);
/** Notify the user of an event from the core network or transaction handling code.
@param[in] title the message box / notification title
@param[in] message the displayed text
@param[in] style modality and style definitions (icon and used buttons - buttons only for message boxes)
@see CClientUIInterface::MessageBoxFlags
@param[in] ret pointer to a bool that will be modified to whether Ok was clicked (modal only)
void message(const QString &title, const QString &message, unsigned int style, bool *ret = NULL);
/** Set the encryption status as shown in the UI.
@param[in] status current encryption status
@see WalletModel::EncryptionStatus
void setEncryptionStatus(int status);
bool handlePaymentRequest(const SendCoinsRecipient& recipient);
/** Show incoming transaction notification for new transactions. */
void incomingTransaction(const QString& date, int unit, const CAmount& amount, const QString& type, const QString& address, const QString& label);
private Q_SLOTS:
/** Switch to overview (home) page */
void gotoOverviewPage();
/** Switch to history (transactions) page */
void gotoHistoryPage();
/** Switch to receive coins page */
void gotoReceiveCoinsPage();
/** Switch to send coins page */
void gotoSendCoinsPage(QString addr = "");
/** Show Sign/Verify Message dialog and switch to sign message tab */
void gotoSignMessageTab(QString addr = "");
/** Show Sign/Verify Message dialog and switch to verify message tab */
void gotoVerifyMessageTab(QString addr = "");
/** Show open dialog */
void openClicked();
/** Show configuration dialog */
void optionsClicked();
/** Show about dialog */
void aboutClicked();
/** Show debug window */
void showDebugWindow();
/** Show help message dialog */
void showHelpMessageClicked();
#ifndef Q_OS_MAC
/** Handle tray icon clicked */
void trayIconActivated(QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason reason);
/** Show window if hidden, unminimize when minimized, rise when obscured or show if hidden and fToggleHidden is true */
void showNormalIfMinimized(bool fToggleHidden = false);
/** Simply calls showNormalIfMinimized(true) for use in SLOT() macro */
void toggleHidden();
/** called by a timer to check if fRequestShutdown has been set **/
void detectShutdown();
/** Show progress dialog e.g. for verifychain */
void showProgress(const QString &title, int nProgress);
12 years ago
class UnitDisplayStatusBarControl : public QLabel
explicit UnitDisplayStatusBarControl(const PlatformStyle *platformStyle);
/** Lets the control know about the Options Model (and its signals) */
void setOptionsModel(OptionsModel *optionsModel);
/** So that it responds to left-button clicks */
void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event);
OptionsModel *optionsModel;
QMenu* menu;
/** Shows context menu with Display Unit options by the mouse coordinates */
void onDisplayUnitsClicked(const QPoint& point);
/** Creates context menu, its actions, and wires up all the relevant signals for mouse events. */
void createContextMenu();
private Q_SLOTS:
/** When Display Units are changed on OptionsModel it will refresh the display text of the control on the status bar */
void updateDisplayUnit(int newUnits);
/** Tells underlying optionsModel to update its current display unit. */
void onMenuSelection(QAction* action);