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OpenBSD build guide
(updated for OpenBSD 6.2)
This guide describes how to build starwelsd and command-line utilities on OpenBSD.
OpenBSD is most commonly used as a server OS, so this guide does not contain instructions for building the GUI.
Run the following as root to install the base dependencies for building:
pkg_add git gmake libevent libtool
pkg_add autoconf # (select highest version, e.g. 2.69)
pkg_add automake # (select highest version, e.g. 1.15)
pkg_add python # (select highest version, e.g. 3.6)
pkg_add boost
git clone
See []( for a complete overview.
**Important**: From OpenBSD 6.2 onwards a C++11-supporting clang compiler is
part of the base image, and while building it is necessary to make sure that this
compiler is used and not ancient g++ 4.2.1. This is done by appending
`CC=cc CXX=c++` to configuration commands. Mixing different compilers
within the same executable will result in linker errors.
### Building BerkeleyDB
BerkeleyDB is only necessary for the wallet functionality. To skip this, pass
`--disable-wallet` to `./configure` and skip to the next section.
It is recommended to use Berkeley DB 4.8. You cannot use the BerkeleyDB library
from ports, for the same reason as boost above (g++/libstd++ incompatibility).
If you have to build it yourself, you can use [the installation script included
in contrib/](/contrib/ like so
./contrib/ `pwd` CC=cc CXX=c++
from the root of the repository. Then set `BDB_PREFIX` for the next section:
export BDB_PREFIX="$PWD/db4"
### Building Starwels
**Important**: use `gmake`, not `make`. The non-GNU `make` will exit with a horrible error.
export AUTOCONF_VERSION=2.69 # replace this with the autoconf version that you installed
export AUTOMAKE_VERSION=1.15 # replace this with the automake version that you installed
Make sure `BDB_PREFIX` is set to the appropriate path from the above steps.
To configure with wallet:
./configure --with-gui=no CC=cc CXX=c++ \
BDB_LIBS="-L${BDB_PREFIX}/lib -ldb_cxx-4.8" BDB_CFLAGS="-I${BDB_PREFIX}/include"
To configure without wallet:
./configure --disable-wallet --with-gui=no CC=cc CXX=c++
Build and run the tests:
gmake # use -jX here for parallelism
gmake check
Resource limits
If the build runs into out-of-memory errors, the instructions in this section
might help.
The standard ulimit restrictions in OpenBSD are very strict:
data(kbytes) 1572864
This, unfortunately, in some cases not enough to compile some `.cpp` files in the project,
(see issue [#6658](
If your user is in the `staff` group the limit can be raised with:
ulimit -d 3000000
The change will only affect the current shell and processes spawned by it. To
make the change system-wide, change `datasize-cur` and `datasize-max` in
`/etc/login.conf`, and reboot.