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#ifndef _SECP256K1_ECDH_
# define _SECP256K1_ECDH_
# include "secp256k1.h"
# ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
# endif
/** Compute an EC Diffie-Hellman secret in constant time
* Returns: 1: exponentiation was successful
* 0: scalar was invalid (zero or overflow)
* In: ctx: pointer to a context object (cannot be NULL)
* point: pointer to a public point
* scalar: a 32-byte scalar with which to multiply the point
* Out: result: a 32-byte array which will be populated by an ECDH
* secret computed from the point and scalar
SECP256K1_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT int secp256k1_ecdh(
const secp256k1_context_t* ctx,
unsigned char *result,
const secp256k1_pubkey_t *point,
const unsigned char *scalar
# ifdef __cplusplus
# endif