11 Commits (9bc2e26502fa543db168f253f3b33bf7064bafde)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Andrew Poelstra 7c1b91ba4b parameterize ecmult_const over input size 5 years ago
Jonas Nick 355a38f113 Add pippenger_wnaf ecmult_multi 5 years ago
Dan Raviv abe2d3e84b Fix header guards using reserved identifiers 5 years ago
Jonas Nick 768514bac0 Fix wnaf_const documentation with respect to return value and number of words set 5 years ago
Andrew Poelstra 83836a9547 Add exhaustive tests for group arithmetic, signing, and ecmult on a small group 6 years ago
Andrew Poelstra c6191fded8 ecmult_const: unify endomorphism and non-endomorphism skew cases 6 years ago
Gregory Maxwell cfe0ed916a Fix miscellaneous style nits that irritate overactive static analysis. 7 years ago
Pieter Wuille dd891e0ed5 Get rid of _t as it is POSIX reserved 7 years ago
Peter Dettman 72ae443afb Improve perf. of cmov-based table lookup 7 years ago
Andrew Poelstra 92e53fc4c8 Implement endomorphism optimization for secp256k1_ecmult_const 7 years ago
Andrew Poelstra 4401500060 Add constant-time multiply `secp256k1_ecmult_const` for ECDH 7 years ago