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// Copyright (c) 2014 Pieter Wuille
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#ifndef _SECP256K1_SCALAR_IMPL_H_
#define _SECP256K1_SCALAR_IMPL_H_
#include <string.h>
#include "scalar.h"
#include "group.h"
void static secp256k1_scalar_init(secp256k1_scalar_t *r) {
void static secp256k1_scalar_clear(secp256k1_scalar_t *r) {
void static secp256k1_scalar_free(secp256k1_scalar_t *r) {
int static secp256k1_scalar_get_bits(const secp256k1_scalar_t *a, int offset, int count) {
return secp256k1_num_get_bits(&a->n, offset, count);
void static secp256k1_scalar_set_b32(secp256k1_scalar_t *r, const unsigned char *bin, int *overflow) {
secp256k1_num_set_bin(&r->n, bin, 32);
if (overflow) {
*overflow = secp256k1_num_cmp(&r->n, &secp256k1_ge_consts->order) >= 0;
secp256k1_num_mod(&r->n, &secp256k1_ge_consts->order);
void static secp256k1_scalar_get_b32(unsigned char *bin, const secp256k1_scalar_t* a) {
secp256k1_num_get_bin(bin, 32, &a->n);
void static secp256k1_scalar_add(secp256k1_scalar_t *r, const secp256k1_scalar_t *a, const secp256k1_scalar_t *b) {
secp256k1_num_add(&r->n, &a->n, &b->n);
secp256k1_num_mod(&r->n, &secp256k1_ge_consts->order);
void static secp256k1_scalar_mul(secp256k1_scalar_t *r, const secp256k1_scalar_t *a, const secp256k1_scalar_t *b) {
secp256k1_num_mod_mul(&r->n, &a->n, &b->n, &secp256k1_ge_consts->order);
void static secp256k1_scalar_inverse(secp256k1_scalar_t *r, const secp256k1_scalar_t *a) {
secp256k1_num_mod_inverse(&r->n, &a->n, &secp256k1_ge_consts->order);
void static secp256k1_scalar_negate(secp256k1_scalar_t *r, const secp256k1_scalar_t *a) {
secp256k1_num_sub(&r->n, &secp256k1_ge_consts->order, &a->n);
int static secp256k1_scalar_is_zero(const secp256k1_scalar_t *a) {
return secp256k1_num_is_zero(&a->n);
int static secp256k1_scalar_is_high(const secp256k1_scalar_t *a) {
return secp256k1_num_cmp(&a->n, &secp256k1_ge_consts->half_order) > 0;
void static secp256k1_scalar_get_num(secp256k1_num_t *r, const secp256k1_scalar_t *a) {
unsigned char c[32];
secp256k1_num_get_bin(c, 32, &a->n);
secp256k1_num_set_bin(r, c, 32);