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* Copyright (c) 2013, 2014, 2017 Pieter Wuille, Andrew Poelstra *
* Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying *
* file COPYING or*
10 years ago
#ifndef SECP256K1_ECMULT_H
#define SECP256K1_ECMULT_H
10 years ago
10 years ago
#include "num.h"
#include "group.h"
#include "scalar.h"
#include "scratch.h"
10 years ago
typedef struct {
/* For accelerating the computation of a*P + b*G: */
secp256k1_ge_storage (*pre_g)[]; /* odd multiples of the generator */
secp256k1_ge_storage (*pre_g_128)[]; /* odd multiples of 2^128*generator */
} secp256k1_ecmult_context;
static void secp256k1_ecmult_context_init(secp256k1_ecmult_context *ctx);
static void secp256k1_ecmult_context_build(secp256k1_ecmult_context *ctx, const secp256k1_callback *cb);
static void secp256k1_ecmult_context_clone(secp256k1_ecmult_context *dst,
const secp256k1_ecmult_context *src, const secp256k1_callback *cb);
static void secp256k1_ecmult_context_clear(secp256k1_ecmult_context *ctx);
static int secp256k1_ecmult_context_is_built(const secp256k1_ecmult_context *ctx);
/** Double multiply: R = na*A + ng*G */
static void secp256k1_ecmult(const secp256k1_ecmult_context *ctx, secp256k1_gej *r, const secp256k1_gej *a, const secp256k1_scalar *na, const secp256k1_scalar *ng);
10 years ago
typedef int (secp256k1_ecmult_multi_callback)(secp256k1_scalar *sc, secp256k1_ge *pt, size_t idx, void *data);
* Multi-multiply: R = inp_g_sc * G + sum_i ni * Ai.
* Returns: 1 on success (including when inp_g_sc is NULL and n is 0)
* 0 if there is not enough scratch space for a single point or
* callback returns 0
static int secp256k1_ecmult_multi_var(const secp256k1_ecmult_context *ctx, secp256k1_scratch *scratch, secp256k1_gej *r, const secp256k1_scalar *inp_g_sc, secp256k1_ecmult_multi_callback cb, void *cbdata, size_t n);
#endif /* SECP256K1_ECMULT_H */