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Read about the project goals at the “project home page”:https://gitian.org/ .

This package can do a deterministic build of a package inside a VM.

Deterministic build inside a VM

This performs a build inside a VM, with deterministic inputs and outputs. If the build script takes care of all sources of non-determinism (mostly caused by timestamps), the result will always be the same. This allows multiple independent verifiers to sign a binary with the assurance that it really came from the source they reviewed.


  • Install prereqs:

    sudo apt-get install python-vm-builder qemu-kvm

  • This will create the base VM for use in further builds (requires sudo):


  • This will build using a YAML description file (can be run as non-root):

    bin/gbuild package-desc.yml

The resulting report will appear in result/package-res.yml