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Gitian Downloader

Download config

Construct a download config:

    weight: 20
    name: Devrandom
    key: devrandom
minimum_weight: 30

The keys can be extracted with:

gpg --export-options export-minimal --export KEYID

and saved into devrandom-key.pgp (see “key” in signers).

The long key id can be obtained with:

gpg --status-fd 1 --dry-run --import KEYFILE

ZIP file

The zip file should have the payload produced in build/out by gbuild, plus a gitian directory. The gitian directory should contain files of the form:


where the FILE.assert file is the PACKAGE-res.yml build report and the .pgp file is signature.pgp generated by gsign.

Running the downloader

gitian-updater --url file:///tmp/PACKAGE.zip  --config PACKAGE-download-config --dest DEST

Of course, the URL can be external rather than on the file system.