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  Devrandom ee1b69d694
Merge #122: Allow build to use sudo without a password, part deux 4年前
  Chris Kleeschulte e4b4780c74 Allow build to use sudo without a password, part deux 4年前
  Devrandom cc174d0447
Merge #117: Add github-merge.py 4年前
  MarcoFalke 784d87896b Adjust readme for gitian-builder 4年前
  Wladimir J. van der Laan ee6dee4a2a devtools: Fix utf-8 support in messages for github-merge 4年前
  Andrew C 7d99dee286 [devtools] github-merge get toplevel dir without extra whitespace 4年前
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 0ae5a18069 devtools: show pull and commit information in github-merge 4年前
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 992efcf3a5 devtools: replace github-merge with python version 4年前
  Dev Random bb4f92f6cb Merge pull request #113 from MarcoFalke/ref_datetime_default 4年前
  MarcoFalke fa6f0b6301 raise "must supply reference_datetime or remotes" 4年前
  MarcoFalke fa7840ea26 reference_datetime: Default to git author date 4年前
  Dev Random e74cb913a0 Merge pull request #112 from luke-jr/rsync 5年前
  Luke Dashjr bf52af1377 Bugfix: copy-{to,from}-target: Strip trailing / from sources to avoid triggering special rsync behaviour 5年前
  Dev Random 84b32a6b00 Merge pull request #111 from luke-jr/rsync 5年前
  Luke Dashjr dd2ba39d32 Use rsync instead of scp for file transfers to save time on cache download from VM 5年前
  Dev Random f9ab5871bd Update RELEASE_NOTES 5年前
  Dev Random 76e5bc186d Merge pull request #105 from laanwj/2015_11_auto_ipv4 5年前
  Dev Random 659b678c1a Merge pull request #108 from josephbisch/arch-instructions 5年前
  Dev Random 0020642f7a Merge pull request #107 from MarcoFalke/master 5年前
  Joseph Bisch 2f0abd1001 Add instructions for using gitian-builder with an Arch host 5年前
  MarcoFalke 7e4b665acb Replace deprecated dsa with rsa 5年前
  Wladimir J. van der Laan cb718681e9 Set up IPv4 gateway automatically 5年前
  Dev Random 29c406e117 Merge pull request #104 from josephbisch/fix-tuser 5年前
  Joseph Bisch 3edec91085 Set TUSER to ubuntu by default and update README 5年前
  Dev Random ad77800219 Merge pull request #103 from josephbisch/fix-debian-i386 5年前
  Joseph Bisch 23ccc3d1dd Use grub package instead of grub-pc unless distro is ubuntu 5年前
  Joseph Bisch 1aad9f4079 Expand on apt issue/workaround and correct affected Debian suites 5年前
  Joseph Bisch 5b7c52b231 Swap Debian i386 flavour checks 5年前
  Joseph Bisch 4f69707c4d Fix issue with apt in Debian <= Squeeze 5年前
  Joseph Bisch fe1abd1153 Fix flavour for i386 arch 5年前
  Dev Random 1c1c17473e Merge pull request #101 from josephbisch/debian 5年前
  Joseph Bisch 2d51b140d0 Add information about Debian guests to README.md 5年前
  Joseph Bisch 86f31e89c6 Default to ubuntu as distro if not specified 5年前
  Joseph Bisch c0c8392d49 Purge grub-legacy and bcron-run to work around Debian guest issue 5年前
  Joseph Bisch 8b297cbcdf Initial Debian guest support 5年前
  Dev Random b0aba0e1b3 Merge pull request #100 from josephbisch/lsb-release-fix 5年前
  Joseph Bisch dbf04f4ece Use lsb_release to get codename rather than /etc/lsb-release 5年前
  Dev Random f5717d2fa3 Merge pull request #99 from tuaris/patch-1 5年前
  Daniel Morante aac596e346 Missing wget 5年前
  Dev Random e12e9a1a37 Merge pull request #98 from xeddmc/master 5年前
  Zach fead042618 Merge pull request #1 from xeddmc/xeddmc-readme-osx-homebrew 5年前
  Zach 21852dffc3 Updated README.md with OS X Homebrew instructions 5年前
  Devrandom e3e67df408 eliminate uneeded verbosity from apt-get for Ubuntu 5年前
  Dev Random 823e807fd8 Merge pull request #89 from fanquake/ignore_vagrant 5年前
  Devrandom 923016ec8d minor cleanup of previous 5年前
  Dev Random 82ba171c71 Merge pull request #97 from luke-jr/cache_ro 5年前
  Luke Dashjr 9d46e26c2e gbuild: Allow disabling fetch of modified caches with `--cache-read-only` option 5年前
  Devrandom ec56a82d4b full path to mkfs.ext4 5年前
  Dev Random f8a3307bc8 Debian instructions 5年前
  Miron b48730064a handle no lxc installed 5年前