9 Commits (b48730064a54a01d926d60062e9feb303ede2396)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Devrandom 07108c4eeb Default back to lxc-start, with option for lxc-execute 8 years ago
Christopher Gurnee 63fe5d1de2 Fix issue #63: use lxc-execute instead of lxc-start 8 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan cdb3bb4d43 Increase ssh connection timeout to 30 seconds 10 years ago
devrandom 953edf57df Fix scp for git repos 11 years ago
devrandom 28bb421156 First pass lxc support 11 years ago
devrandom 10b40d5ad5 improve quietness flag 11 years ago
Matt Corallo 3ccd662304 Make the timeout a bit longer to accommodate machines under high load. 12 years ago
devrandom 6c7dd53eed no host auth for copy-*-target 12 years ago
devrandom 4db2a9dfa0 initial 12 years ago