126 Commits (5785dfc3ae09aec37c4d9b8bc4b58410865e04fa)

Author SHA1 Message Date
devrandom 4d29dd2899 use status-fd with gpg for machine-readable output 11 years ago
devrandom 2928372460 config injection 11 years ago
devrandom d1fa0a122f quietness and verbosity 11 years ago
devrandom 9c29c2aad9 gpg import, output copy, parse args 11 years ago
devrandom 1a4e64250b downloader check sigs and weight 11 years ago
devrandom 36d1a06fd8 glob dotfiles in the build directory, more downloader work 11 years ago
devrandom 57ec3c5012 first pass downloader/updater script 11 years ago
Dev Random 09ca72bc56 Merge pull request #7 from TheBlueMatt/akalogging. 11 years ago
Matt Corallo 030b3fe1ed Hide akas by default as well 11 years ago
Dev Random 2940750681 Merged pull request #6 from TheBlueMatt/logging. 11 years ago
Dev Random 7aa482d039 Merged pull request #5 from TheBlueMatt/master. 11 years ago
Matt Corallo bc26667a56 Make gpg quiet by default, but not too quiet. 11 years ago
Matt Corallo 3ccd662304 Make the timeout a bit longer to accommodate machines under high load. 11 years ago
Matt Corallo 9096469e67 Make gpg be quiet if -q is set. 11 years ago
Matt Corallo ae82fbad45 Add support for names with spaces in them and automatically pull keys first. 11 years ago
devrandom deb988a3cd gverify 12 years ago
devrandom f8a29869f2 implement bin/gsign 12 years ago
devrandom 6c7dd53eed no host auth for copy-*-target 12 years ago
devrandom 0d12b0f72f no ssh host auth for localhost 12 years ago
devrandom 7bf63853bc revert memory size, update apt-get to grab from new IP address 12 years ago
devrandom 6b46963acf properly handle the local host by using IP addresses 12 years ago
devrandom a344ed9dac Make guest default to as the apt mirror, fix skip_image vs quiet flags 12 years ago
devrandom d765459667 security mirror, command line commit specification 12 years ago
devrandom 928a5f0880 multi-architecture builds 12 years ago
devrandom 85809700da use apt cacher, minor cleanup 12 years ago
devrandom 4db2a9dfa0 initial 12 years ago