21 Commits (4f269d4afecbf517c0d16927ba99e0f136614743)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Hennadii Stepanov 175796e79e
Do not leave rsyslog configuration files 3 years ago
Joseph Bisch 7f7c5f5ea8
Detect running in LXC container using new method 5 years ago
Joseph Bisch e3c2e8d3da Add support for Debian guests using LXC 6 years ago
Joseph Bisch c0c8392d49 Purge grub-legacy and bcron-run to work around Debian guest issue 7 years ago
Joseph Bisch 8b297cbcdf Initial Debian guest support 7 years ago
Joseph Bisch dbf04f4ece Use lsb_release to get codename rather than /etc/lsb-release 7 years ago
Devrandom 7219c490cc make bootstrap-fixup idempotent 7 years ago
Devrandom 1ae746f68f LXC cleanup 7 years ago
Devrandom f4b72bbec4 hold packages for lucid 7 years ago
Devrandom af56f89a6a improved LXC support 7 years ago
Christopher Gurnee 04ab7c1218 prevent upgrade of grub-pc which can fail in lxc 7 years ago
Devrandom 81bf5d7025 ensure guest upgrade occurs before attempting to get manifest 7 years ago
Devrandom 7d1e7c5419 trusty fixes, remove legacy grub 7 years ago
Cory Fields ea24af1043 Add common cache and per-build cache 8 years ago
Wladimir J. van der Laan 5785dfc3ae Un-hardcode host/guest IP 8 years ago
devrandom f0c9e68fed Do not hardcode suite in bootstrap fixup 10 years ago
devrandom 0bc83c5f44 Use image file for lxc 10 years ago
devrandom 28bb421156 First pass lxc support 10 years ago
devrandom 6b46963acf properly handle the local host by using IP addresses 12 years ago
devrandom 928a5f0880 multi-architecture builds 12 years ago
devrandom 4db2a9dfa0 initial 12 years ago