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Cory Fields 8 years ago
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Gitian includes two caches where build-assets may be saved for use with
subsequent builds.
Common cache:
All descriptors share this cache. It can be useful for storing fetched sources,
sharing build assets between descriptors, etc.
To add or update files, copy them to ~/cache/common from the build script.
Per-descriptor cache
Files installed to this cache can only be seen by this descriptor. Use this to
store assets created as part of the build process, to avoid having to rebuild
them in future builds.
To add or update files, copy them to ~/cache/$NAME from the build script, where
$NAME is the value of the descriptor's "name" key.
Before each build, all files and folders in the cache directories will be
transferred to the VM. After each successful build, the caches will be
transferred back to the builder (overwriting existing files as necessary).
It is entirely up to the user and the descriptors to verify that cached files
are actually suitable for re-use. Overwriting existing cached files is _highly_
discouraged, as that would likely lead to non-deterministic results. Unique
filenames should always be used.