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Brute force PGP key ID
Brute force PGP key ID (inefficiently)
The script that brute forces key IDs uses a modified version of gnupg that removes all the entropy from key generation, which makes it very quick and very insecure. To run it on your computer, making it a very high priority process:
nice -20 ./
### To do list
* Make keyid and number of threads command line arguements
* Make ctrl-c actually quit so you don't have to kill the process
Download the web of trust
I wrote a script to recursively download the web of trust, one key at a time. However it's horrible ineffecient and will take forever to finish running. To start downloading the web of trust:
A better way to get public keys is to download a recent static dump of all the keys in the public key servers from one of these places:
Although it actually turns out that this is an inefficient way to brute force key IDs.